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World Rose Day

World Rose Day is observed on September 22 every year. The day aims at highlighting the importance of cancer awareness and spreading love and being careful with people battling with cancer.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and battling with cancer is a very draining process, both physically and emotionally. World Rose Day aims at highlighting the importance of cancer awareness and spreading love and being careful with people battling with cancer.

It can occur at any age and if not detected at the right time, it proves to be fatal and causes death.

Apart from the health consequences, there’s stress, psychological impact and distress that cancer conceives in a person. The patients need a lot of courage and positivity to keep going through such tough times.

In order to honour their courage and encourage and support the people battling with cancer, World Rose Day is observed every year.

World Rose Day is observed every year on September 22. The day aims to spread a message to all cancer patients that they can fight the disease with strong willpower and spirit, and serves as a ray of hope for them.

It is also commemorated as the day to raise awareness regarding early detection and prevention, which not just can cure this deadly disease, but also save lives.

Celebration on World Rose Day

Hand-made roses, cards, and gifts are offered to the patients suffering from cancer.

Special workshops and events are organised to bring joy and strength to cancer patients.

On World Rose Day, it is important that we raise awareness about this day and take out time to spend with cancer patients and give them hope, joy, and confidence.

History behind the day

However, there is an interesting history behind the significance of this event.

At the age of 12, a Canadian girl Melinda Rose was diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive blood cancer, Askin’s Tumour.

During her diagnosis, she was predicted to live only for a mere span of six weeks.

Image: Brainly.in

However, she was determined to not give up hope and continue living for as long as she can.

Melinda went on to live for six months after that. To celebrate her brave journey, the day is named after her.

She made each day of life meaningful.

She met and greeted other cancer patients and left an unforgettable positive impact on them.

She tried to uplift their determination and by sending letters, poems, cheered them up. In all of the six months she lived in the hospital, bringing positivity and cheering became her sole goal.

Image: YouTube

Observing World Rose Day

Melinda’s profound habits serve as a reminder for the public, as to how important love and care is, especially, if we know people going through the painful and dreadful disease and are close to them.

Instead of simply looking upon cancer patients as ‘sick’, ‘unwanted’ or exposing them to stigma during such vulnerable times, offering them love and support can go a long way in easing their worries.

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On social media, netizens are doing everything to show their support for cancer patients, from sharing heartfelt messages to images of symbolic flowers.

Cancer not only affects the lives of patients but also their caregivers. Most of the cancer treatments are harsh on the body, leaving visible physical effects on the skin and body.

Not only physically, they have a deep psychological impact on the patient as well.

There is a lot of stigma surrounding the disease. Hence it is very important to keep the patients cheerful and motivated throughout the process.

A rose signifies tenderness and love.

Hence, cancer patients and survivors are often given roses on the day as a mark of the tough journey they undertook. People also distribute hand-made cards and thoughtful gifts to patients.

Special drives are also organised by healthcare centres and survivors to raise awareness about cancer.

World Rose Day is dedicated to spreading love, cheer and hope. The rose flower, which is a symbol of love and care.

Hence it is offered to the cancer patients to tell them how much they are cared for and loved.

World Rose Day is an attempt to initiate conversations on caregiving and the importance of building a positive and blissful environment for patients and their families.

 It highlights the importance of spending time with cancer patients and giving them joy as fighting cancer takes immense strength.

Anwesha Mishra
Anwesha hails from Odisha and is pursuing her bachelor's degree in English Literature from Ravenshaw University. She is a voracious reader and a writer. Apart from that, she's also a singer.


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