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On World Blood Donor Day 2021, do your bit to save lives

All across the globe, raising awareness for blood donation, recognising and appreciating those selfless individuals who partake and bless humanity, every year June 14 is observed as World Blood Donor Day.

June 14, 2021: On a daily basis, millions of lives striving on the balance are aided by the transfusion of safely stored blood and blood elements. All across the globe, raising awareness for blood donation, recognising and appreciating those selfless individuals who partake and bless humanity, every year June 14 is observed as World Blood Donor Day.

More than ever the dangerous COVID-19 virus has taken a huge toll on human lives and in uncountable scenarios, donated blood has revived patients back to life.

Although the world is suffering through this pandemic situation, there are of those ‘angels in disguise’ who step out and donate blood and plasma for transfusion in future.

Not only the donors but also the organisations that toil day and night to maintain the stable, effective and efficient flow of usable blood in times of crisis and emergencies, ought to be brought out in the open and saluted.

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Significance of June 14

Biologist Karl Landsteiner’s birth anniversary on June 14th is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day.

Landsteiner classified blood into groups which we know of today. World Health Organization (WHO), The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies augmented and established the observance on June 14, 2004, with the goal to raise public awareness about the need for safe blood donation voluntarily and unpaid by the healthy person.

The day began to be observed after WHO along with its 192 delegates in the month of May 2005, declared and set aside the day for Blood Donors at the 58th World Health Assembly in order to motivate all the countries worldwide and to express gratitude to all blood donors for their precious steps that have been lifesaving.

World Blood Donor Day 2021 Slogan

Especially for this year’s observance, World Blood Donor Day will use the slogan, “Give blood and keep the world-beating”.

The message speaks volumes about the efficacy of blood donation in keeping the heartbeat going for multitudes of battling patients.

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Objectives of World Blood Donor Day 2021 campaign:

1. To express deep felt thanks to the worldwide blood donor champions who go unnoticed and to create public awareness of the needy for regular, unpaid blood donation.

2. To facilitate the promotion of the community values of blood donation in enhancing that “we feeling” of togetherness in times of adversity.

3. To increase the role of youth in their vitality and vigour to answer the humanitarian call to donate blood and inspire others to do the same.

4. To celebrate the capacities of youth in transforming the health scenario of nations.

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Host of World Blood Donor Day convention 2021

Geographical locale for grand event on a global scale is set in Rome on June 14, 2021. The host for World Blood Donor Day 2021 is Italy operating through its National Blood Centre.

Facts about blood donation

1. World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that the Indian populace despite its abundance, runs short of two million blood units every year. From the ten units of blood in an adult’s body only one is donated during the procedure. However, a single donation has the capacity to save about three lives. All adults capable of blood donation must serve in the noble cause.

2. Regularly donating blood in prescribed durations can not just prove gracious for many patients but also the donor as it prevents the acquirement of medical conditions like, hemochromatosis which happens due to excess absorption of iron by his/her body. The deed also has anti-cancer advantages, helps maintain the health of the heart and the liver, is effective in losing weight and aids active blood cell production.

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3.The stats show that the rare blood group that are termed universal donors, that of O negative is only possessed by 7% of the Indian population. And only 0.4% have AB-type blood, a type that can donate Plasma universally. The plasma is essential in emergencies, for newborns and patients requiring massive transfusions.

4. The donated blood is primarily tested for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis and other infectious diseases before it can be put to use. Each sterile needle can be used only once for each donor and is thereafter discarded. The process of blood donation is 4-fold: registration, medical history and mini-physical test, donation and refreshments. The blood donors are given separate mini-physical tests by the doctor, who checks the donor’s temperature, blood pressure, pulse and haemoglobin to ensure the safety of transfusion.

5. The allowed time schedule of red blood cells donation for a healthy donor is every 56 days or double red cells every 112 days and platelets as 7 days apart, but a maximum of 24 donations yearly.

6. If a person starts donating blood as soon as he turns 18 and continues in a span of every 90 days till he is 60, the numbers would mean 112 litres of donated blood, potentially instrumental in saving over 500 lives.

7.Blood in the human body makes up about 7% of the body weight. The four varieties of transfusable blood elements include red cells, platelets, plasma and cryoprecipitate. Donors are free to donate either whole blood component or in the form of elements stated above. The latter type of donation is called apheresis. There is an exceptional quality of platelets donation. One dose of platelets can be obtained through one apheresis donation of the same or by combining the platelets derived from 5 whole blood donations. Donated platelets are generally transfused within 5 days of collection.

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Quotes on the special occasion

“Making a donation is the ultimate sign of solidarity. Actions speak louder than words.” – Ibrahim Hooper

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.” – Herman Melville

 “No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” – John Holmes

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

“You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live.” – Myles Munroe

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” – Winston Churchill

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

“The best blood will at some time get into a fool or a mosquito.” – Austin O’Malley

“Donate blood and be the reason of smile to many faces.”

By Arpita Patro


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