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If you liked watching web series like Money Heist, here are some similar shows

If you are a fan of a web series like Money Heist, then here are some shows which you will find intriguing and entertaining. From Breaking Bad, Narcos, The Americans to Ozark and Elite, we have listed some shows to binge-watch if you are addicted to Spanish crime drama Money-Heist.

Mumbai, May 16, 2021: Making its debut on Spanish TV with a banging 4.3 million views, web series like Money Heist became one of the biggest global hits in no time.

Themed around an intricate plot to steal a boatload of money like in the movie Oceans 11 and complicated interpersonal relationships, this Netflix web series got people hooked to it like crazy!

Celebrating the fast-paced and cunning lifestyle of budding con-artistes with a masterplan to become millionaires, Money Heist or La Casa de Papel is all rage and has gracefully broken a number of streaming records while making fans across the world.

A follow-up of the show is the grand expectation and dream of many Money Heist fans.

However, for those who can’t deal with the wait, here is a list of the Web series like Money Heist and can keep you hyped for a long time. 

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Breaking Bad

This American neo-Western produced and conceived by Vince Gilligan, first aired in January 2008, and wrapped up in 2013 with a total of five seasons.

 Weaving a plotline as fast-paced and tricky as that of Money Heist (or even more), Breaking Bad is the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who is a high school chemistry teacher only recently diagnosed with stage-3 lung cancer.

Driven by an urge to make his family financially sound before he dies of the terminal illness, White trades his mundane, gradually fading life for one ripe with crime and schemes, planning to sell crystallized methamphetamine to the world.

However, the dark road is apparently blinding and the audience will find out whether the teacher makes it through the tunnel.

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Prison Break

The viewer’s search for the corrosive world of criminal treachery and chaotic souls ends with the release of Prison Break.

This crime drama and action thriller initially running through four seasons from 2005 to 2009 had the last season of the return only some years back in 2017.

Capturing the story of two brothers, Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, with the apparent injustice of life that sentenced the latter to jail for a crime he did not commit.

The show entwines around his brother’s plans to prove his innocence and set him free from the shackles tormenting him. The show stars Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield and Dominic Purcell as his brother Lincoln Burrows.

Peaky Blinders

Another such show that sets the mafia world lose on screen is Peaky Blinders, with an intricate storyline and a star-studded cast of Cillian Murphy, Helen McCroy, Paul Anderson, and Sam Neill among many others.

A British period crime drama created by Steven Knight, its story is set in 19th century Birmingham, England.

Peaky Blinders reveals the tale of an urban street gang in England, which operated in Birmingham from the end of the 19th century and right after the First World War. The characters in the show, however, are fictional.

The gang falls under the radar of Major Chester Campbell, who has been employed by Prime Minister Winston Churchill to clean out common criminals in the region.

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The black comedy crime drama television series that first aired on FX in April 2014, Fargo stars Billy Bob Thornton, Allison Tolman, Colin Hanks, and Martin Freeman- who have breathed life into some of the spell-binding characters in the history of the small screen.

The show known for its complex maze of twists and turns is set in 2006 Minnesota and follows the hitman Lorne Malvo who happens to stop at a hospital in Bemidji and ends up meeting Lester Nygaard whom he brainwashes with his violent ideals of life.

A trail of murders follows their meeting which is investigated by the local police department with two prime officers – Molly Solverson and Gus Grimly.

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The Americans

With its first season premiering on January 30, 2013, it left the audience awestruck with its crisp script and passionate cast.

In the backdrop of the Cold War in the 80s, the show tells the story of Elizabeth and Philip Jennings played by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys who are two Soviet KCG officers posing as a married couple in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

The couple abducts a Soviet defector, Timochev, who stabs another agent, preventing his transfer to the USSR. Meanwhile, FBI counterintelligence agent Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) moves across this family and grows suspicious of their activities.

Can the Jennings camouflage as true Americans, with a dark sin staining their past? Tune in to the show to solve the riddle.


A Spanish thriller dealing with the frenzies of high-class, conspiring teens, Elite, created by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona is based in Las Encina,  a fictional elite secondary school. The series revolves around the relationship between three working-class students and the rest of their high-browed classmates.

While carrying the spirit and vitality akin to most teen dramas, it also tackles the advanced issues of sexuality and emotional manipulation.

It takes wind as a suspense story when one of their classmates, Marina, is murdered.

This is a sure addition to the watchlist of people who can’t seem to get enough of Spanish TV.

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High Seas, a Web series like Money Heist

High Seas joins the family of Spanish mystery series, airing first time on Netflix in 2019. Its first season stars Ivana Baquero, Alejandra Onieva, Jon Kortajarena, Eloy Azorin, and Chiqui Fernandez among many others.

A murder mystery of the mind-wrecking magnitude of a Christie novel, the show is due to return for a third season this year.

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Locked up (Vis a Vis)

Locked up, initially titled Vis A Vis in Spanish, is a Spanish serial drama television series. Conjuring up the spirit of Orange is the New Black, it narrates the story of a young woman, Macarena Ferreiro, who is sacked into her ex-lover’s scandal and is sent to jail.

The series takes the task of exposing the image of law enforcement systems and prisons.

 In prison, Macarena realizes that the only way for her to survive in the prison for the next seven years is maintaining a healthy relationship with her prison inmates, the most dangerous of whom is Zulema.

It also traces her journey of metamorphosing into a bolder and stronger person.

Peeking into the arresting mindset of common criminals, the show will surely keep one hooked!

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Offensively labelled as the poor man’s Breaking Bad, the show has broken strongholds and acquired its own stance in American television.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney play the main leads who aptly portray the married couple in the crime drama.

The plot follows the family’s forceful immigration to Ozark after a money-laundering scheme goes downhill.

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Ozark has mostly received positive reviews from critics, with a lot of appreciation for its direction, tone, and acting. This is a Web series like Money Heist.

The series has made the run to receive 14 primetime Emmy award nominations with Bateman winning for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. It is an intensely gripping story that takes makes us step into the personas of its characters.


Bagging its place among one of Netflix’s best series, Narcos has set the bench quite high. One who is looking for quality TV production with some great cinematography, Narcos will hit the stop. The show unwinds the tale of a drug kingpin Pablo Escobar who established a billion-dollar empire through the distribution of cocaine.

The cast includes Wagner Moura, Medellin Carte, Boyd Holbrook, and Pedro Pascal among many others. The first season of the series received favourable reviews from its critics.

Although the show does not have any sympathetic characters, it’s a great revelation of the history of the Colombian smuggling business.

By Arpita Patro


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