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Warning for Google Chrome users issued

Google Chrome continues to dominate the web browser market with more than two billion users worldwide. The flipside is it also attracts hackers and recently a warning for Google Chrome users was issued, making it the third urgent update warning in a month.

July 20, 2021: With over two billion users globally, Google Chrome continues to be the most popular web browser. On the other hand, it attracts hackers’ attention, prompting Google to issue its third urgent update warning in a month. The flipside is it also attracts the attention of hackers and a warning for Google Chrome users had been issued.

Warning for Google Chrome users

Google announced in an official blog post that a new ‘zero-day’ exploit (CVE-2021-30563) has been identified in Chrome, and that it, like the prior attack, was discovered after an anonymous tip-off.

 A zero-day vulnerability, unlike the majority of security issues, meaning that the exploit was made public before the organisation could patch it.

Google confirmed on its blog that it is “aware of claims that a CVE-2021-30563 attack exists in the wild”.

Other than Google’s classification of the exploit as a “Type Confusion in V8” which is the open-source JavaScript engine at the heart of Chrome.

As Google strives to limit the spread of the exploit before Chrome users have a chance to upgrade and protect themselves, such concealment is normal for zero-day issues.

Tackling the Google Chrome situation

All Chrome users should go to Settings > Help > About Google Chrome to tackle this new danger. You are already protected if your browser version on Linux, macOS, or Windows is 91.0.4472.164 or higher.

If not, check for updates manually and restart the browser after the update is complete.

Six more ‘High’ level threats, as well as a single ‘Medium’ level vulnerability, are also addressed in this version of Chrome, according to Google.

Warning for Google Chrome users and the vulnerability of Chrome

CVE-2021-30563 is Chrome’s eighth zero-day vulnerability this year, and the third in less than a month.

To Google’s credit, it usually provides zero-day attack updates within a few days, but their effectiveness is ultimately decided by how quickly Chrome users upgrade their browsers.

In recent months, attacks on Chrome have been particularly common, most notably from a group of hackers known as PuzzleMaker.

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Adaptability of Google Chrome

The group has succeeded in combining Chrome zero-day vulnerabilities to install malware on Windows systems.

In June, Microsoft itself issued an urgent security warning to Windows users.

As things stand, Chrome users should keep an eye out for upgrades and make sure their browser and operating system are both updated.

Written by: Sugyani Mohapatra


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