Home Sports Vinesh Phogat misses flight to Tokyo after overstaying EU visa

Vinesh Phogat misses flight to Tokyo after overstaying EU visa

Wrestler Vinesh Phogat misses flight to Tokyo from Frankfurt after overstaying her EU visa by a day as an ‘oversight.’ The Indian wrestling sensation seeks redemption in Tokyo after an injury made her forfeit in Rio Olympics.

July 28, 2021: India’s medal expectant wrestler Vinesh Phogat misses her flight to Tokyo from Frankfurt, Germany, after the authorities halted her boarding on Tuesday.

Vinesh Phogat misses flight to Tokyo, exceeds EU visa by a day

Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat misses flight to Tokyo for the ongoing Olympics. Phogat missed her flight from Frankfurt to Tokyo after overstaying her European Union visa by one day, according to the news agency PTI.

According to sources, Phogat was discovered to have overstayed her European Union (EU) visa by a day as an ‘oversight’, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) stated. According to PTI, Vinesh Phogat was expected to leave for Tokyo Olympics 2020 on Tuesday, however, she was stopped from boarding her connecting flight at the Frankfurt Airport after the authorities found out that she had stayed for 91 days in the EU instead of the 90 days that were approved in her Schengen visa.

“It was an oversight and something not done on purpose. Instead of 90 days as per her Schengen visa, it was calculated that she had been in the EU for 91 days after she landed in Frankfurt from Budapest,” PTI quoted an IOA official.

“The matter was taken up by SAI swiftly and the Indian consulate in Frankfurt reached the airport to sort out the matter. Vinesh will be in Tokyo tomorrow.”

The wrestler is currently staying in a Frankurt hotel on the airport premise. She had been training in Hungary with coach Woller Akos ahead of the Tokyo games.

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Vinesh Phogat misses flight to Tokyo: Her Rio redemption awaits

Vinesh Phogat is seen as a gold medal contender in the 53kg women’s freestyle category from India. Her competition starts on August 5.

However, Vinesh Phogal misses flight to Tokyo. The wrestler is currently staying in a Frankurt hotel on the airport premise and will leave for Tokyo in a day. She had been training in Hungary with coach Woller Akos ahead of the Tokyo games.

Phogat’s rise in world wrestling has been remarkable.

Her injury in Rio cast doubts over her wrestling career, weight loss was an issue and an injury forced her to be away from the 2018 World Championships.

The injury might have acted as a trigger as Phogat jumped up to the 53kg weight class from 50kg at the start of 2019. With only 18 months to go for the Tokyo Olympics, it was a big risk but she accepted to wrestle in the higher-weight class.

She said it was her “over strength” that made her confident at 50kg and doubtful to switch to 53kg. And that was evident when she started in the new weight class.

 It made her reassess the attacking strategy. The 26-year-old is the reigning Asian Games and Commonwealth Games champion and won bronze in the World Championships.

“Even if my attacks were half attempts at 50kg, I would finish them with my strength but not at 53kg,” she said. “The attack has to be 100% or else the opponents can also stop me from attacking. So if you see my bouts, I take a minute or so to understand them and then decide my attacks. If they are making their moves or waiting for my moves,” Phogat was quoted saying.

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Vinesh Phogat on physiotherapists accompanying wrestlers

A few days back, Vinesh Phogat expressed her disappointment by mentioning that she had urged for a physiotherapist to accompany her and other women wrestlers to Tokyo well in advance. Taking to Twitter, the two-time Commonwealth Games gold medalist had shared a report and then asked whether it is a ‘crime’ to ask for one physiotherapist for four women wrestlers when there are instances of one athlete having multiple coaches/ Staff before wondering where the balance is.


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