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Vegan eggs? Do they taste like the real ones?

The vegan eggs use algae protein, which can be scrambled like the regular eggs. So, there is no need to hide the egg substitute anymore in the homemade muffin or pancakes.

July 25, 2021:  The vegan market is rapidly growing and to cater to this growing populace, manufactures have made vegan eggs out of plant proteins.

Given the increasing demand for a plant-based diet, vegan eggs are quite popular these days.

What are vegan eggs?

When it comes to baking, the first thing which comes to our mind is eggs.

But the vegan people have been using other substitutes for eggs such as mashed bananas, ground flax seeds with water. Some of the other substitutes include applesauce, silken tofu, corn starch, soy protein powder, chickpea flour and arrowroot.

The best thing about this is that they are plant-based but still they can resemble the taste and structure of the regular eggs.

The vegan egg uses algae protein, which can exactly be scrambled like the regular eggs. So, there is no need to hide the egg substitute anymore in the homemade muffin or pancakes.

Image: THe Edgy Veg

Are vegan eggs healthy?

Vegan eggs are the first algae based eggs that have been popular in Britain and UK.

 The main ingredient present in the vegan eggs is whole algal flour. The whole algal flour is a mixture of fiber, ash, protein, fat and sucrose, made from a family of algae.

 Chlorella protothecoides are the micro algae that are harvested and fermented. The cells are then inactivated by pasteurization. They are separated from the culture broth, and then washed properly.

 When the pH is adjusted to neutral with potassium hydroxide at this point the food grade antioxidants might be added. The end product is homogenized, then dried and finally packed.

The benefit of algal protein is that it contains a high amount of important amino acids such as leucine, valine, phenylalanine and lysine which makes it highly digestible.

 NASA astronauts even studied algae for consumption in the space. Algae is considered o be a good source of B12. The minor ingredient in this is the nutritional yeast and it is also a source of B12 for the vegans.

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Demand and supply

The first company to create plant-based eggs was the Beyond Eggs from Silicon Valley startup in the month of September in 2013. Even Bill Gates backed the project along with Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel. The Beyond Eggs are made of 11 different plants that include sorghum, peas and beans. According to Better India, Evo Foods, a new Mumbai-based startup in the emerging alternative food space in India. They make cholesterol-free, antibiotic-free vegan eggs that match eggs in taste, texture, and protein quality.

By: Shreshtha Ghosh


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