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UP gangster hunt: One down, one more to go

Vikas Dubey’s aide Amar Dubey was encountered by the Kanpur police officials. Amar and Vikas Dubey have been on the run since last Thursday. The police are on a hunt for the most-dreaded criminal of UP, Vikas, who is reported to have been noticed in Haryana.

On the morning of 8th July 2020, Amar Dubey was gunned down in an encounter by the Kanpur police officials in Hamirpur, UP. He was instrumental in the planning of Vikas Dubey’s planned attacks on policemen last week. Vikas is reported to have kept Amar as his security man who was always armed with a rifle for his protection. Amar got married a few days before the killing of the policemen last week.

Vikas was instrumental in his marriage. Amar was on top of the list of Vikas Dubey’s wanted aides by the police. There was a reward of Rs. 50,000 associated with the catching of Amar Dubey. UP’s special task force [STF] tracked him down on 8th July morning in a village of Hamirpur district of UP. On the arrival of the STF, there was constant firing from both sides; Bajpai, one of the aides, got shot on his leg while Amar died in the fire exchange. The team was able to catch him as a police officer who wished to keep himself anonymous, has reported that Amar was alleged to have been spotted in a moving car on 6th July’s night. Around 40 teams and the STF is out looking for Vikas Dubey and his aides.

The hunt

Before this, two other wanted criminal aides of Vikas, Prem Prakash Pandey, and Atul Dubey, were also killed in an ambush with the police. When Amar and Bajpai were taken to the hospital, the doctor assured Bajpai to be safe while declaring Amar to be dead. Automatic rifles were recovered from Amar after the attack. The STF is on the lookout for Vikas Dubey who was spotted 2 days ago in Haryana.

Last week, eight policemen were gunned down by the close aides of Vikas Dubey, a wanted criminal in UP. The police went to arrest Vikas Dubey in Bikru village in Chaubeypur area of Kanpur, in an attempted murder case by him. This became sensational news in Kanpur including the whole of UP.

Cop claims

As per the claims made by a few of the police officials, Vikas Dubey was tipped off by few moles present in the police station of Kanpur itself. Because of their prior intimidation, Vikas Dubey had arranged a gang of armed men who made a violent attack on the policemen who went to arrest him. The police were in a state of shock as no news of their arrival in the village of Bikru was intimidated to anyone; it was a secret attempt to catch the criminal who was on the run. However, on their arrival in the village, the armed men of Vikas Dubey started firing gunshots at the policemen from the rooftop for hours, as a result, 8 policemen were killed.

The criminal record of Vikas Dubey

Vikas Dubey has been reported by a senior police official, Misra to have more than 150 cases filed in his name, yet his name was missing in the top 10 most wanted criminals by the UP police. Since 1990, Vikas is known to have been engaged in numerous murders, kidnappings, rioting, and extortion. His criminal record has been accumulating since then. The first sensational murder in his record came into limelight in 2001, when he chased and brutally murdered the BJP minister, Santosh Shukla. Many police officials had witnessed him chase the minister and shoot bullets into his body inside the Shivli police station in Kanpur. 25 police officials, who were eyewitnesses to that inhuman killing, refused to testify against Vikas during the trial. As a result, he was acquitted by the court for lack of evidence.

The nexus

On March 14, 2020, Misra wrote a letter, detailing the nexus between police officials in Kanpur station and Vikas Dubey- the wanted criminal. He highlighted how his name was struck off from the list of most-wanted criminals of UP; and how some of the police officers like Tiwari was involved in passing critical information to Vikas. The SSP, Anant Deo, looked away from the letter that was sent to him by Misra.

Deo has been observed to have taken pictures in the past with Vikas and a few of his aides. While Vikas was inside the jail, he was involved in plotting murder against one of his cousins. The STF suspended Vinay Tiwari for having informed Vikas five hours before the cops went to arrest him last week. On an inquiry, it was revealed that the power station had received a call from the police station to shut down the electricity in the entire village. This enabled the armed men of Vikas to butcher the police officials, Misra along with his other team members who were brutally gunned down in the dark.

The fate of justice

The aforementioned criminal history is not the end of most wanted Criminal of UP, Vikas. He has numerous other offences filed in his name. But surprisingly, as one of the deceased police officials of Kanpur, Misra had stated -that there are moles in the police station who have been actively helping these criminals to escape. Vikas is known to have his reach in almost every sector, and connections with almost all the politicians in UP. Many of the politicians have been alleged to have engaged him for election purposes and various other activities.

Meanwhile, Raju Khullar, who is the brother of Vikas Dubey’s wife Richa, is being interrogated about Dubey’s whereabouts by UP STF in Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh- as per the statement of a senior police official at state police headquarters in Lucknow. Raju Khullar has been co-accused along with Vikas Dubey in the sensational murder of Kanpur’s senior politician Santosh Shukla. Richa and her two children were traced in their Lucknow residence at the time of shootout on Friday wee hours. However, they are missing for the past six days. They were last tracked in east UP’s Chandauli district on the Bihar border. It is also being suspected that Vikas could have sneaked into Nepal through the porous borders of Kanpur.

Although the STF has not yet caught hold of Vikas, they have stated that the entire task force and police team would not rest until they get hold of the most wanted criminal. The suspected police officials have been transferred on suspicion of having leaked crucial information to Vikas regarding his arrest.


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