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10 Famous Odia Dialogues that Remain in our Heart Forever

These are the famous Odia dialogues picked from different movies that we repeat, enjoy, and rehearse. They have created lasting impressions in our memory and are attached to the bottom of our hearts.

Some words from Odia movies have remained in our hearts forever. We repeat, enjoy, and rehearse them, and these have created lasting impressions in our hearts. Let’s reminisce some of the best Odia dialogues that will give you a ride through nostalgia.

Top Odia dialogues

10. “Saamnawaala strong ebe, jami jiba case; Ethara haba fight, direct face to face”

Most Wanted(2011) | Image: Pinterest

This Odia dialogue is from the film Most Wanted, directed by Susant Mani. Filmstar Anubhav Mohanty has numerous well-delivered dialogues. However, this one is unique and one of the most liked ones.

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9. “Manaa karuchi. Mo saange laagena, laagena. Mo kathaa sunilaani. Naama ne!”

This Odia dialogue is from an Odia drama and sentiment film featuring Arindam Ray, Archita Sahu, and Mihir Das in key roles. Veteran actor Mahasweta Ray plays the mother of Arindam Ray and Mihir Das assumed the role of the father of Archita Sahu. The film is about a rich young lady and a helpless kid.

8. Kahidabu To Bopa Ku, E Sahara Ku Ta Bapa Asi Jaichi

This Odia dialogue was delivered by Anubhav Mohanty. He has shown up in more than 50 Odia films over the span of his vocation, generally in leading roles, and this one is his most famous dialogue.

7. “Mu Nayaka Thu Tike Adhika Au Khalnayaka Thu Tike Kam

Hara Patnaik | Image: Twitter

Hara Patnaik the actor, director, and screenplay writer. He has acted in more than 60 Odia films and directed around 19 others and this was one of the best memorable and famous Odia dialogues of his.

6. “Ama Dhanda One Way Traffic, Jai Huye Kintu Feri Huye Nahin

This was a famous Odia dialogue of Mihir Kumar Das. He is an Indian film actor who works in Odia films. He has gotten a few honours, including Best Actor for his movies Laxmi Pratima in 1998 and Pheria Mo Suna Bhauni in 2005.

5. “Mu Constable Hariprasad Das, Wardi Re Na Thile Aga Pacha Bhabe, Wardi Re Thile Direct Khobe

Sidhant Mohapatra | Image: Wikipedia

This is Sidhant Mohapatra’s most famous Odia dialogue. He is an actor and political figure from Odisha. He was elected to the fifteenth and sixteenth Lok Sabha in 2009 and 2014 independently. He is the first actor in the Odia film industry who won 7 Odisha State Film Awards continuously.

4. “Mu muhan re make up lagei bulu thiba hero nuhe, saamna wala ra muhan ku maari naksha badalei daba hero

Another famous Odia dialogue is this one said by Anubhav Mohanty, an Indian actor, film producer, TV character, and politician. In 2012, after the tremendous accomplishment of Balunga Toka, he made his own production house named Vishnupriya Arts and Graphics.

3. “Eta rakhantu dana – chati pocket re, bhul bhal kama kale chunchi hei pasiba phala hei bahariba

One of the most famous Odia dialogues of Katak – The Silver City. It is a film based on the hidden world story of Cuttack, the silver city. The story revolves around the experiences of Cuttack Police, bhais and gundas.

2. Gara tana hei sarichi, gol buli sarichi. Au ae gol bhitare jaha achi sabu kichi mora

Agastya | Image: Wikipedia

Also one of the most famous Odia dialogues from film Agastya, which is an Odia action thriller movie directed by K.M. Krishna and created under Akshaya Parija Productions. It was one of the most engrossing Odia films in 2016.

1. “Election, election kahi mate chamkeiba nahi; Election bi Kaka kare, selection by Kaka kare

One of the famous Odia dialogues from the movie Abhimanyu, the story is about a simple kid who was taken by a gangster. Movie directed by Susant Mani features Anubhav Mohanty.

Films may be hit or flop in the cinematic world. Yet, one thing that stays with us are the wonderful Odia dialogues which also become the lifesavers of the film. One may forget the actors, producer, or even the name of a specific movie now and again, but the dialogues stay evergreen.

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Ritik Gupta is a content writer, graduated from Indore, currently working with Utkal today.


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