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Bizarre end: 10 strange ways people died

From death by carrot juice overdose, killed by own remote controlled plane to being crushed by own coffin, here are 10 strange ways people died.

July 23: Have you ever imagined how you would like to die? Most say in their sleep. But how many of you have heard of dying after biting the tongue? Well, it did happen. Allan Pinkerton, founder of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, passed away on July 1, 1884. The New York Times reported that he died at home in Chicago several weeks after his bitten tongue became gangrenous. The world is filled with strange people and there are strange ways people die. Reports say American lawyer Clement Vallandigham shot himself in a court room in 1871. He was trying to show the jury how his client’s alleged murder victim had actually shot himself. Brace yourselves. We list 10 strange ways people died.

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10 strange ways people died

From death by carrot juice overdose, killed by own remote controlled plane to death due to drinking too much water, here are 10 strange ways people died.

Death by dancing

We all love to dance, but then way back in 1518 in Strasbourg, France, several people danced themselves to death.

 It was the Dance Fever — an event during which hundreds of people kept dancing for about a month without any reason.

Strange ways people died: Eaten by pigs

There are several strange ways people died but imagine being eaten by your own pigs? Well, it did happen with 69-year-old farmer Terry Vance Garner from Oregon, who was eaten by his own pigs.

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Tripping over own beard:

As bizarre as it might sound, this is fact. In 1560, Hans Steininger set the record for the longest beard in the world.

It was 4.2 feet. However, the same beard became the cause of his death when he tripped over his beard running away from a fire. This is one of the most unusual ways to die.

Died from laughter:

According to Diogenes Laëritius, a biographer of Greek philosophers, Chrysippus of Soli, a Greek philosopher, died at the age of 73 from laughter.

He was laughing after watching a donkey trying to eat his figs.

Death after drinking carrot juice:

These days we are all getting health conscious.

But then, don’t become like fitness freak Basil Brown, who managed to take his own life by drinking a gallon of carrot juice a day. He believed it would make him healthy.

Robot killed man:

Robert Williams, who was working at the Ford Motor Company Flat Rock Casting Plant, was killed by an industrial robot arm on January 25, 1979. This is the first human in history to have been killed by a robot.

Own remote-controlled plane:

Roger Wallace was killed by his own radio-controlled plane in 2001.

Death by sex:

It might sound weird but then Nigerian polygamist Uroko Onoja died after being forced by five of his six wives to have sex with each of them.

Reports say he was caught having sex with his youngest wife by the remaining five, who were jealous of him paying her more attention. The remaining wives demanded him to have sex with each of them and even threatened him with knives and sticks. Apparently, he died before having sex with the fifth wife.

Mosquito bite:

American physician Jesse William Lazear was trying to prove that Yellow Fever was transmitted by mosquitoes in 1900. To prove himself right, he let the infected mosquitoes bite him. He then died of the disease.

Crushed by own coffins:

French undertaker Marc Bourjade was crushed to death when a pile of coffins in his workshop fell on top of him.


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