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The Spitting Dustbin

Dustbin utilization level and cleanliness standard awareness raise with mandatory such strict implementations. It seems like the self-discipline and civic sense is spat along with the unwanted saliva. The nation is for granted and the overseas trip brings out the civilized them.

Why we always give special priority to abundance? We believe in plenty and consider that sufficient is not better, we try reaching out to a saturation point which we aim as our target, and in the social society standards, we are encouraged to go beyond those targets. Health and peace, however, would be the best objective to accumulate but unfortunately, we are now full of our incompetencies. If we plant a banyan tree inside our premises, it will one day break through the boundaries and could be the reason for destroying the whole house, thus if we try to accommodate something without expanding our boundaries to hold, it will be difficult to keep it intact and it will leak out by a major force. The act of spitting is one such leakage; it could be hypersalivation or overproduction of saliva, addiction or habit, restlessness management method, or simply indifference and irresponsible behavior towards the society.

Spitting is a very common concern in our society. If you happen to wait by any railway stations, take a highly populated one like Mumbai, or any such densely populated area, the waiting time is an amusement. The trains are supposed to come on the empty and free railway tracks but are those tracks really free to receive the trains, No, it is not free. The tracks have very heavy and continuous traffic of saliva mixed with various proportions of germs or even addicted tobacco haphazardly moving from different directions, making the tracks colorful, sometimes flavored red, or even semi-green or translucent. It’s a continuous bombardment and holding up of the space which was created for a totally different public purpose. Distressing to be a zone for so many multi colors of white, red, green, yellow, pink, etc the long tracks are transporting the contaminations from one end to another. A single traveler who creates this unwanted traffic spits out of habit 5 to 6 times in the span of 5 to 6 minutes. The supply of many such flavors creates an unpleasant foul smell throughout the tracks and many such public places.

Pic Credits:- Migrant monkeys

Sympathy is with people who are under the forces of addiction but pity for the people who do it out of habit unaware that it is such a mess they create .we spit when angry, we spit when nervous, we spit when happy, do we? do we really spit when happy, or we spit when sad, in reality, that sadness has now become our personality, the worst part of it is that some or rather most of them do it without regret, ever heard the sound of walking with wet slippers on the floor, a similar situation of horrid and creaky sound might occur with the rate at which people are creating the spat salivary pond and we walking over it.

Is it a disorder? If yes then lots of initiatives should be taken to resolve this condition like many other rehab projects. A proper education and awareness campaign need to be brought into action with special recycling bio dustbins just for such spitting zones. Dustbins keep accumulating the dirt and are needed to be emptied time and again. Contrary to this, the temples are clean and worshipped. But the irony is we have converted our body from the temple to a dustbin. Every time we spit, the filled up dustbin cleaning process happens. Once a temple body now changed to the dustbin and the dustbin needs regular cleaning, so we keep spitting. It’s a shame that we have made ourselves the spitting dustbin.

Being annoyed and disgusted about this situation makes us think. Is this a disease? if yes, it is such a concern as so many people are suffering .but here lies a situation, few places have metro stations and railways stations both connected, like one of Ghatkopar in Mumbai, common passengers are traveling in both these trains and metros, they shift the modes to reach their destination, but a shift in personality could be rightly noticed based on the Metro’s warning on spitting with a ‘fine’, suddenly this restriction is the medicine for such a disease. Spitting is under control when fines and punishments are put on it. Dustbin utilization level and cleanliness standard awareness raise with mandatory such strict implementations. It seems like the self-discipline and civic sense is spat along with the unwanted saliva. The nation is for granted and the overseas trip brings out the civilized them.

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Planting a tree is a good thing but when the same is planted inside the house it turns to be a disaster, salivation is an essential process in the body but converting the body to be a dustbin itself, turns to be a disaster. Overproduction of our saliva could be caused by digestion related issues or any other complicated habits.

Practicing ‘Yoga’ and ‘Pranayama’ helps us to keep our body in temple form always, ‘Mitahar’, the proportionate diet concept and fasting could be integrated into our lifestyle, fasting could be in any form, the one most popular and trendy being intermittent fasting these days, using less adulterated versions of intake, cutting down on our addiction intakes and eventually freeing ourselves from it, helps us to go back being the temple we were.

Implementing the concept of “Tapah” a yogic methodology makes us strong to deal with our own incapability’s and should be educated to such defaulters, for making them deal with such evils in a better way.


kayendriyasiddhirashuddhikshayat tapasah”(Patanjali Yoga Sutra 2.43)

The sutra here inspires that through training and austerity of the senses, Physical and mental impurities can be destroyed, the psychic fire could give mastery over the body and the mental organs of senses and actions. We may control our urges and may challenge our own selves to actively participate in maintaining the body as a temple that was given to us by God. Join a no Spitting awareness campaign and help to keep everything beautiful as it is meant to be.

Be ‘the Temple’ and not ‘a Dustbin’.

Amit Dada
Yoga instructor from SVYASA, Bengaluru and Council for Yoga Accreditation International and Certified in Practice of Yoga through Divine life Society, Sivanada Ashram: Yoga Vedanta forest academy ,Rishikesh, On a National Mission for “Stop Diabetes Movement” through lifestyle change.


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