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Most profitable Small scale Agriculture business in India

Small-scale agriculture business is a necessity in a country where the majority of the population is engaged in agriculture, but a boom in the tertiary sector and shift from farming to daily wage labour brought down the numbers in no time. The traditional farmers are suffering and barely managing to survive the market. However, the evolving organic ways of farming are opening new avenues and offering a ray of hope through small-scale agriculture businesses.

Small scale agriculture business in India becomes the need of the hour for the survival of the farming community.

Farmers of India, heavily dependent on traditional methods of farming, have suffered endlessly in their lives due to drought, loans and ultimate rains. But with improved technology, agri-researchers have found a way out. 

Now even small-scale farmers can generate more revenue from basic farming. Here are a few of the various ways to earn good money in agriculture.

Small scale Agriculture business Categories

Agriculture business can be divided into three broad categories:

  • Productive resources like feed, seed, fertilizer, equipment, energy and machinery.
  • Agriculture commodities like raw and processed commodities of food and fibre.
  • Facilitative services like credit, insurance, marketing, storage, processing, transportation and packing.

Here are the most lucrative agriculture business ideas:

Image: National Geographic

Agriculture farms

One can start an agriculture farm by investing reasonable money. one can produce items as per the local demand and sell them locally. For far areas, one can even supply the product through distribution channels.

Image: 99businessidea

Vermicompost Organic Fertiliser Production

It requires very low investment and hence can be considered profitable for the start-up agricultural business. one can simply start this business with the proper know-how of the production process. 

Vermicompost contains water-soluble nutrients and is a very good nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

It has different uses such as in farming and small scale sustainable, organic farming.

Small-scale Agriculture business-dry-utkal-today
Image: Business Partner Magazine

Dried Flower Business

Are one aware that flowers are among the most profitable plants, which are producing one of the highest returns of any specialty crop? Well yes, it’s true.

Flower production is one of the fastest-growing trends in today’s agriculture. It requires all types of flowers, especially unique and hard to grow varieties.

Growing, processing and selling dried flowers could put one on the path of making money with sustainable business from the first year itself.

Image: IndiaMart

Fertilizer Distribution Business

The fertilizer industry is getting highly organized in India.

Any individual can start a fertilizer distribution business on a small, medium, and large-scale basis.

Though small distributors generally operate within the district and large distributors within the state.

Image: Agritechmurcia

Organic Farm Greenhouse

The increased demand for organically grown farm products has led to the growth of this agricultural business.

As there are many health risks in the food grown with chemicals and fertilizers, people are growing organic food.

Image: poultryreporter.com

Poultry Farming

It is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable agriculture businesses in the current Indian Market scenario.

Adding to it, the poultry business is the best idea for those who want to make a successful small scale agriculture business in India.

Image: Fungal Future

Mushroom Farming

By doing this business one can make good profits in just a few weeks. It requires a low start-up capital investment.

Even with a little knowledge of mushroom growing and with a farm mushroom farming business can be done.

Also read: Green Ag Project: Sustainability in Indian agriculture

Image: Howtostartanllc.com

Hydroponic Retail Store

It is a new plantation technology which requires soil free way of plantation for both commercial and home use. Hydroponics stores sell the specialized equipment and supplies that hydroponic gardener’s need. Planning plays a crucial role to start a hydroponic retail store.

Snail Farming

It is a process of raising land snails specifically for human consumption. Snails have a high rate of protein, iron, low fat and almost all the amino acids needed for the human body.

Image: Agri Farming

Sunflower Farming

The land is the primary requirement to start sunflower farming. Growing sunflowers for oilseed requires a small investment.

It is a commercial cash crop.  It is suitable to grow in rainfed conditions and has the ability to perform in diverse agro-climatic and soil conditions.

Aman Rai
An engineering student who is passionate about creative writing and innovative technical contents related to health sciences.


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