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Slave Criterion

Someone is ugly and someone is beautiful, someone is arrogant and someone is confident, someone is soft and someone is just too loud. Why do we categorize them?

Why can’t the color of sugar be black? White sugar is OK, but still, the effect of ivory black is missing in it. it looks so dull against the attractive black. Similarly, the green grass gives a soothing effect to our eyes however it would be better if it was black. The water has no color, when we drink with closed eyes it gives immense satisfaction but with the eyes, open satisfaction sublimes thinking and wishing of it to be a black drink. It’s being choosy or being peculiar about our color choices; easily we get attracted to anything colored black in the very first instance and glance. The one not so black is not so great. Accordingly, there are only two types of color, one is black and the other is the rest of it.

We often categorize and bifurcate things based on such narrowed criterion. Criteria are over-exaggerated and a thin line differentiation is marked between favoritism and being biased. We idolize since childhood, our decisions look for right and wrong notions. The fair is an applicant to the criteria while the dark needs to wait, ever seen a matrimony advertisement asking a dusky bride. The tall is in the criteria while the short needs to jump for visibility. Someone is ugly and someone is beautiful, someone is arrogant and someone is confident, someone is soft and someone is just too loud. We categorize people, needs, things, and almost everything on their physical appearances and then decide what to keep up and what to trash down. If they are ‘black’ the checklist hits a tick and if not, it’s a big ‘Noooo’. This has somewhat entered in every field, sectors, corporate, government offices, the rule of black fits in,  other colors need to queue for their turn. Even sometimes I struggle towards the acceptance of the Taj Mahal as a wonder because of my love for Black.

We are so obsessed with our own criterion that we resist accepting people around us. Accepting people in totality as they seem to be an impossible and a non-negotiable act. We will try changing a person through painting them with our color of black not realizing the damage done to their natural beauty diminishing the luster they truly reflected. This obsession had limited our circles and we are deprived of the charm and joy of other rainbow colors.

Accepting the people and circumstances in their true shade turns our life to be less complicated and stress-free. The nature of anyone is never given any certificate; the one hideous for you could be the loveliest person for another. We should be banned from offering certificates to anyone. ‘Title’ giving is always a farewell activity, be open, embrace all, and drop the titles issued. Life is too short to paint everyone with the same color; happiness comes when we become the prism to reflect all the colors of life.

The techniques’ to spread love and acceptance is simple and feasible. Try practicing it for a free and one world:

  • Observe and control your thoughts, divert through actions like drinking water to curb anger, counting backwards from 100 to 1,
  • Extracting of only the positives and showing indifference toward negatives.
  • Making it a point to greet and talk to such person rather than being judgmental, make sure no arguments.
  • Perception shift through considering them to be patients needing assistance and help rather than arrogance and hatred.
  • Knowing their backgrounds and appreciating and complimenting them through the reciprocal value of empathy.

The great values of accepting everything is very well summed up in yogic ‘Pratipaksha bhavna’.You purposefully force yourself to feel the opposite, the force is strong though soothing to heart and emotions. Accepting all, is what the sages preached, The Patanjali Yoga Sutras makes a remark over the important qualities that levels up all the colors in the nature. The ‘Maitri’, an aspect of friendliness helps to blend the colors together. The ‘Karuna’, compassion breaks away the barriers created. The ‘Mudita’, keeps us motivated and the’Upeksha’ installs forgiveness through indifference in us.

A lesson to learn, don’t affect self or others, it’s a loss we repent when experience teaches us Oneness in its own bitter ways.

Amit Dada
Yoga instructor from SVYASA, Bengaluru and Council for Yoga Accreditation International and Certified in Practice of Yoga through Divine life Society, Sivanada Ashram: Yoga Vedanta forest academy ,Rishikesh, On a National Mission for “Stop Diabetes Movement” through lifestyle change.


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