Skincare basics and home remedies for beautiful skin

Let’s take a quick look at some skincare basics and home remedies to keep your skin fresh and glowing through the lockdown, and some safe commercial skin care products that you can rely on as well.

skincare basics and home remedies for beautiful, fresh and glowing skin.

The best commitment one can make in one’s journey towards self-care is a disciplined approach to skincare.

Fresh and well-kept skin is definitely the best make-up and worth flaunting.

And we have some good news for you, you definitely don’t have to make a beeline for the parlour and spend a bundle on expensive treatments to get that fresh glow.

And now that we are all mostly confined to our homes amid the pandemic, let’s make the best use of our time and resources to get that dewy freshness for our skin.

Today, we bring to you some easy and pocket-friendly ways to take good care of your skin.

However, just a word of caution, if you do suffer from serious skincare problems or acne, we would definitely suggest you consult a dermatologist first .

Tone your skin with the best Ghar Ka Upkarans:

When it comes to skin, its care and nourishment is always best suggested by our mothers and grandmothers, because they will not let you spend a lot on parlours.

Instead, you will be given the best home remedies straight from the kitchen or refrigerator.

Try out these DIY’s for flawless skin

1. The hydrating honey and lemon facial mask:

 Mix one tablespoon of raw honey with 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil.

Apply to the face and let sit for 15-20 minutes.

Use a warm washcloth to wipe off.

Be careful to avoid direct sun exposure within 24 hours of using the mask.

2. The soothing facial toner with Apple cider vinegar for normal to dry skin

 Mix 1/3 part vinegar to 2/3 part filtered water.

Add five drops each of lavender and frankincense oils, or your favorite essential oils for the skin.

For oily and acne-prone skin,  mix vinegar and filtered water in a 1: 1 ratio.

Add five drops each of lavender and frankincense oils, or your favorite essential oils for the skin.

3.The classic Ubtan

Ubtan can be added to your daily skin regime, as it’s the most effective way to get rid of dark spots, acne, oily skin and puffy eyes.

All that you need to make a classic home ubtan are:

1.Tbsp sandalwood powder

 • 2 Tbsp besan (chickpea/Bengal gram flour)

 • ½ Tbsp turmeric powder

• 2 Tbsp milk

• Mix these up in a bowl, apply to the face or body and wash off when dry!

Apart from trying these home remedies, there are some safe commercial skin care products that you can rely on as well!

There are amalgamations of organics and inorganics in the market. Choose the ones depending upon your skin type and texture.

Some quick tips:

Cleanse your skin: A lot of cleansers are available at pocket-friendly prices in the markets. Choose wisely according to skin type. Avoid alcohol-based ones

Scrub and Rub: Open your pores and remove your blackheads, by scrubbing it properly with a skin-friendly scrub! Walnut-based ones are good!

Rise and Moisturise: Proper skincare always starts early in the morning and the best time to moisturize your skin is after waking up and before going to bed.

Tone it up: Just the way you tone your muscles at the gym, tone your skin as well. Toners are best advised and suggested by dermatologists to apply in hot and humid climatic conditions for proper cleansing. It also protects the skin from microbial growth.

Screen your skin: We are often so busy with our chores that we forget to apply a sunshield. Brighten your day with your pretty face coated with sunscreen.

Try a matte sunscreen to avoid a sweaty look.

Friendzone your Insomnia: Studying for late hours, watching Netflix and chilling till 3am at night and chatting with your friends do have side-effects like dark-circled, puffy eyes.

Try some under-eye gels,which soothe your tired eyes and give you a fresh look. So try out these home and pocket friendly skincare remedies.

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