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Body positivity & self-love post of Sameera Reddy winning hearts

Mother-of-two Sameera Reddy is one the Bollywood actresses who has used social media to change the conversation around fitness and body. The recent self-love post of Sameera Reddy she had with her father has encouraged many.

Mumbai, September 15, 2021: From posting pictures of her with acne and without makeup, Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy has been using social media to spread message about body positivity. Recently, the self-love post of Sameera Reddy is winning hearts. 

Self-love post of Sameera Reddy is powerful

Image: Twitter

Mother-of-two Sameera Reddy is one the Bollywood actresses who has used social media to change the conversation around fitness and body. Through her posts, she encourages her fans to embrace their bodies with love.

Recently, she took to social media to share a powerful conversation she and her father had about age, body image issues, acceptance, and more.


Self-love post of Sameera Reddy spreads positivity

Sameera Reddy has been quite vocal about mental health and body image issues and even shares her struggles online. On Tuesday, she shared a long post and revealed an interesting  conversation with her father about hair whitening.

She also posted unfiltered pictures of herself unapologetically showing off her salt and pepper hair in the post.

Sameera opened the note revealing that her father recently asked her why she never dyes her white hair.

The actor continued saying that she defended her choice and explained to him that with time, she has grown comfortable with her mane and dyes them when she feels like it.


Of self-appreciation, and confidence

Taking to Instagram, the actress wrote, “My dad asked me why I’m not covering my white hair. He was worried about people judging me. I answered ‘So what if they did…Did it mean I’m old. Not pretty. Not groomed. Not appealing?’ I told him that I’m not paranoid about it like I I used to be and that freedom is liberating. I used to color every 2 weeks so nobody could catch that line of white.”

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The Maine Dil Tujhko Diya actress continued, “Today I take my own sweet time and choose to color if and when I feel like. He asked me why I should be the one to change the conversation? I said why not. I know I’m not alone. The shift and acceptance only begins when old thought processes are broken. When we can just let each other be. When confidence can just find it’s way naturally and not hidden behind a mask or cover. My dad understood. As I understood his concern as a father. Everyday we learn we move forward and we find peace in small shifts. And it’s those small steps that take us to much bigger places.”


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