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Reliance Retail’s Vocal for Local Mission benefits 30,000 artisans

Reliance Retail’s Indie by AJIO and Swadesh initiatives offered over 40,000 artisanal products this Diwali across its retail formats. Reliance Retail provided avenues for sales and employment to local craftsmen, the programmes now engage with more than 30,000 craftsmen, representing over 600 art forms across a wide spectrum of clothing, textiles, handicrafts and handmade natural goods.

Bhubaneswar/Mumbai, November 25, 2020: In a strong push to locally made artisanal products, Reliance Retail showcased more than 40,000 artisan crafted products from over 50 GI clusters to its customers this festive season. A direct result of its three-year old flagship initiatives, Indie by AJIO and Swadesh, started to provide avenues for sales and employment to local craftsmen, the programmes now engage with more than 30,000 craftsmen, representing over 600 art forms across a wide spectrum of clothing, textiles, handicrafts and handmade natural goods. This is the part of Reliance Retail’s Vocal for Local Mission.

Akhilesh Prasad
Image: India Retailing

Akhilesh Prasad, the president, Reliance Fashion & Lifestyle, said, “We are delighted that our development efforts over the last few years are now bearing strong results both in our ability to engage with an increasing number of craftsmen as well as our ability to co-create and co-curate products that are being increasingly accepted by today’s consumers.”

Reliance Retail’s success in bringing such a huge repertoire of traditional handcrafted products to its modern retail formats is also an indication of the existence of demand for such products, as long as consumers’ expectations of quality, style and convenience of modern retail buying can be met.

Reliance Retail’s Indie by AJIO

Indie by AJIO is an online marketplace for local artisans and handcrafted products and celebrates the brilliant textile and handloom traditions of India with a careful curation and contemporary interpretation.

The AJIO platform features this distinctive idiom beautifully in the wide lifestyle products ranging from apparel to home furnishing and accessories such as jewellery and footwear.

Image: medianama

The craft repertoire includes Ikat, Shibori, Banarasi, Bagh, Ajrakh to Jamdani, Tangail, Chanderi and many more. The Indie range is sourced from over 50 GI crafts clusters from across India, including Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.

The Geographical Indication (GI) tag identifies natural produce, handicrafts or manufactured goods as products native to a territory, region or locality for their unique characteristics by attributing them to their geographical origin.

With a rapidly expanding portfolio, Indie by AJIO helps customers discover the best of Indian fashion and crafts and offers the convenience of delivering them right at customers’ doorsteps.

“The diversity of sourcing from across the length and breadth of India has resulted not only in the creation of a stunning portfolio that is every handcraft connoisseur’s dream but also in the direct employment for over 30,000 skilled artisans across the country. We will continue to grow this segment with time,” said Prasad.

Image: SiliconIndia

Artisans thanks Reliance Retail

Pintoo Lal Chhipa, an artisan who practises natural dye hand block printing in Akola, Udaipur is associated with Reliance Retail for the last 4 years and is committed to sustain this Indian traditional craft.

Through regular orders from Reliance Retail, he is able to support a group of 30 artisans who work with him and practise different hand block printing processes like, printing, washing, dyeing and drying.

Devchand, from a remote village of Bikaner, works as a link between Reliance and artisans of that region who are extremely talented in hand embroideries.

He generates livelihoods for over 25 women in the arid region of Thar and these women look forward to orders from Reliance Retail as they use this additional income for their family.

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Reliance Retail’s Swadesh

Swadesh is a special brand of Reliance Retail that brings alive India’s rich handcrafted traditions and offers over 400 types of handmade textiles, handicrafts and agricultural products that are listed with Geographical Indications.

Swadesh has an MOU with the Ministry of Textiles which enables sourcing of 100 percent authentic crafted products, directly from artisan communities. Swadesh brand is available across multiple formats, including AJIO and Trends.

As a member of the All India Artisans & Craftworkers Welfare Association (AIACA), all of Swadesh’s products come with a craft mark certification such as Dabu, Chanderi weaving, single Ikat weaving, Kutch leatherwork, Chikankari embroidery, Kashida kari, Ajrakh, Applique, Bagru block printing, hand block printing, block printed kalamkari and Mangalgiri handloom weaving.

Added to this is the membership of DC (handloom), Government of India and textile committee that authorises Swadesh to use the Handloom Mark on all its handloom products, ensuring authenticity and commitment to the products.

“The future of Swadesh is poised at an exciting stage. It is emerging not only as the preferred brand of artisanal and handicraft products for consumers but is also aiding the revival and growth of artisans and weavers across apparel, home textiles, home décor, furniture, accessories, and more,” added Prasad.

Image: TechnoSport

Reliance Retail Limited

Reliance Retail Limited is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail Ventures Limited (RRVL).

RRVL, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd, is the holding company of all the retail companies under the RIL Group. RRVL reported a consolidated turnover of Rs 162,936 crore ($ 21.7 billion) and net profit of Rs 5,448 crore ($ 726.4 million) for the year ended March 31, 2020.

Reliance Retail topped the list of “50 fastest-growing retailers globally between FY 2013-2018” in the Deloitte’s Global Powers of Retailing 2020 index.

Reliance Retail secured the 56th spot this year against the 94th rank the previous year and is the only Indian company to be featured in this list.


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