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Ramadan 2021 announced as Saudi Arabia confirms moon sighting

Rejoice, Ramadan 2021 is announced — the month is celebrated because it was during this time Prophet Muhammad received the revelations via Allah. In India, the holy month of Ramadan starts one day after the moon is sighted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kolkata, April 13, 2021: The holy month of Ramadan, also known as Ramzan, is just around the corner. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims all across the globe. It is considered to be the most pious month for the Muslim community, where devotees fast and pray. Meanwhile, the dates of Ramadan 2021 announced.  

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Ramadan 2021 announced

The first day of fasting of the Ramadan is decided after the sighting of the new moon and Muslims around the globe were waiting to sight a glimpse of the moon. Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre (GLMCC), in Small Heath, Birmingham is the main organiser of the annual Eid celebrations in Birmingham and follows the Saudi announcements. The dates of Ramadan 2021 announced by GLMCC. “The moon has been sighted which means that Ramadan 2021 will commence on April 13. From everyone at GLMCC, we wish you all a blessed and productive Ramadan.”

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Ramadan 2021 announced and moon sighting

The moon sighting committee of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said on April 12 was the last day and 30th day of Sha’ban 1442 Hijri. In India, the holy month of Ramadan starts one day after the moon is sighted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Green Lane Masjid confirmed the start of Ramadan 2021 from April 14 in India following an announcement from Saudi Arabia. Yes, this day is announced after Saudi Arabia confirms moon sighting.

As moon was sighted on Monday, April 12, will be the last and 30th day of Shaban 1442 Hijri, according to The Siasat Daily. “It is difficult to see the moon of Ramadan in other Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, on Sunday,” Abdullah al-Khudairi, director of the astronomical observatory at the University of Al-Majma’ah, said. On Sunday, he added that there would be no moon in the sky because it would have set about half an hour before sunset. 

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Islamic calendar

As the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar year of 354 days, dates move back by 11 days within the sun-based Gregorian calendar of 365 days used by most of the western world.

Like all Islamic months, the start of Ramadan is determined by a sighting of the first faint crescent of the new moon.

This year in 2021 millions of Muslims across the world would observe the second Ramadan amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Written by: Nilofar Naaz


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