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How Rainbow Revolution in India impacting at its grassroots level ?

The word “revolution” emphasizes on the fact of a wide change in the existing conditions. For more than five decades,this word has taken the forefront. This word has changed the era of livelihood. It has modified the whole concept of living.

The Rainbow Revolution

It was started in the year 2000 by the Government of India.

  • It was the first national agriculture policy.
  • It is an integral part of today’s modern and advanced technology.
  • It combines the effect of all other revolutions in the sector of agriculture and husbandry.

It includes:

  • Green Revolution
  • White Revolution
  • Yellow Revolution
  • Blue Revolution
  • Golden Revolution
  • Black/Brown Revolution
  • Silver Revolution
  • Round Revolution
  • Red Revolution
  • Grey Revolution

Benefits and effects of Rainbow Revolution

Rainbow Revolution plays an important role in the development of agriculture and husbandry sectors of India.

Green Revolution emphasizes on food grain production, White Revolution gives importance to milk production. Similarly Yellow and Blue Revolution gives emphasis on oilseeds and fish production respectively. Black/Brown Revolution is responsible for non-conventional energy production.Silver and Round Revolution emphasizes on eggs and potato production respectively. And ,Red and Grey Revolution pays importance on tomato/meat and fertilizers production.

# Rainbow Revolution is the collective result of all these revolutions. It keeps a check on the needs of the citizens and provide accordingly.

# It is a good step in the path of sustainable growth and development of the nation. # It has been an aid for the production of the best products.

# It has always tried to advance the ways and techniques to make better supply to the consumers.

# It’s a boon for the Indian agricultural and husbandry sector.

# It has helped the Indian farmers and thus, Indian economy to take leaps over the years.

Rainbow Revolution aims at increasing environmental sustainability as well as development of resources. It promotes organic farming to decrease the use of chemicals and fertilizers.

It has made practices like rain water harvesting compulsory. It aims at improving soil testing techniques and other agricultural technologies.It promotes soil health schemes. It takes care of the income of the farmers. It keeps a check on annual growth in agricultural sector.

It keeps the farmers informed about miscellaneous plans and programs of the government for their growth and development. It ensures proper market facilities for the farmers without any restrictions on the movement of products.It supplies the farmers with adequate number of go-downs and warehouses . It promotes the agricultural exports with the help of good quality of agri-products. It keeps on maintaining nutritional values of the products. Rainbow Revolution aims at interlinking all sectors of agriculture and husbandry for better efficiency of generating and producing crops and other products.

A broad outlook for Indian farmers: Indian economy is an agro-based economy and the farmers are the pioneers of such a large economy. India’s moderate climate and weather conditions support the growth of a large variety of crops .It has made way for their development.

Rainbow Revolution comprises of the factors which strengthens Indian economy and help in its development. It has enabled the farmers to walk out of their fields and experience trading.Exports and imports have helped the Indian economy in numerous possible ways. Farmers are able to gain knowledge about the exports and imports,thus strengthening their economy and in the other way,nation’s economy. Interlinking of all sectors in the form of Rainbow Revolution has driven the attention of the people towards those sectors of agriculture and husbandry which were left ignored and untouched.

Rainbow Revolution has really proved to be a boon for the country and farmers. It has a bright future in India. The Rainbow Revolution will surely advance the existing agricultural technologies and bring large changes in the future.

The information about Rainbow Revolution is incomplete without the information of its parts:

1.Green Revolution: M S Swaminathan is the founder of Green Revolution. It is one of the major revolutions in the field of agriculture in India which led to both economic and social changes. It generated employment for the people and increased the food grain production .This revolution has enabled people to use HYV variety of seeds .It has also allowed multiple cropping to take place.

2.White Revolution: Verghese Kurien is the founder of White Revolution. It was started by the Indian government for the sustainance of the dairy industry.The aim of this revolution is to make India self-sufficient in milk and other dairy products.It helped in increasing milk production and improving techniques for the same

3.Yellow Revolution: Sam Pitroda is the founder of Yellow Revolution. It is started for the increase in oilseed production. It is the immediate rise in the production of edible oil due to the plantation of hybrid oil seeds like mustard,sesame etc.

4.Blue Revolution: Dr.Arun Krishnan is the founder of this Revolution. It is the step taken to cultivate the rising aquaculture in this modern age.It deals with the rising amount of fisheries and providing as well as maintaining the rightful amount of conditions for the growth and development of this sector of the society.

5.Golden Revolution: Nirpakh Tutej is the founder of this revolution. It mainly deals with the growth and development in honey production and the horticulture sector.This revolution helped the farmers to gain high profits with increase in the changing cropping patterns and construction of large farms.

6.SilverRevolution: Our former Prime minister Indira Gandhi is the founder of this Revolution.This deals with the increase in poultry farming and egg production.It has been able to meet the needs of the citizens successfully. The application of medical science and other technologies has allowed the development of this sector of agriculture.

7.Red Revolution: Vishal Tewari is the founder of this Revolution. It mainly deals with the cultivation and production of tomatoes and meat.This revolution has enabled the farmers to create a new era of cultivation.It is one of the recent types of revolution.

8.Black/Brown Revolution: This revolution speaks about the cultivation and large production of non-conventional sources of energy. Black Revolution deals with the production and world-wide distribution of petroleum and other related products.Brown revolution deals with the leather production.It is an aid for the clothes and textile industries.

9.Round Revolution: This revolution deals with the production of potatoes. It is one of the major parts of the Green Revolution.Due to the advancement in this sector, the whole agricultural sector has found a new boost.This revolution has paved its way to the increase in economic condition of the nation.

10.Grey Revolution: This revolution has brought massive changes in the whole agriculture sector.It deals with the application of fertilizers to the crops for better crop production. Fertilizers have brought a new change in the cultivation of crops. And many more.

Really The Rainbow Revolution has enabled the farmers and the country to proceed. The benefits of this Revolution are just in front of our eyes. Today India has become self-sufficient to compete with the world with respect to trade in agricultural products.The Indian economy has found a new boost. Although there are many more benefits to come

Baishnab Parida
Baishnab Parida is an engineering student, loves to read and write. He loves to spread smiles. His parents are his greatest strengths. He loves to be in a peaceful environment. Currently, he is pursuing Btech at VSSUT, Burla


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