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A peak at pretty Phulbani

Flanked by several small and big waterfalls and towering mountains, Phulbani, a little-known tourist destination in Kandhamal district of Odisha, offers an ecstatic range of nature, waterfalls and wildlife. The best time to visit Phulbani is October to June.

Bhubaneswar, March 31, 2021: Phulbani is the administrative headquarters of Kandhmal district in Odisha. The place offers a diverse range of flora and fauna across its virgin forests and towering mountains. Phulbani is flanked by several small and big waterfalls.

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Phulbani, Odisha’s tribal cultural heritage

Home to tribals, Phulbani is named after the lady ‘Phulardei’ who was sacrificed by the local inhabitants as an act of religious ritual to Mother Earth (MERIA). Phulbani is surrounded by River Salunki.

If you are a responsible traveler and loves nature, then this little-known destination in Odisha is the place to be. Surrounded by quaint waterfalls, beautiful landscapes and temples, Phulbani is gradually becoming an eco-tourist spot of the state.  The best time to visit Phulbani is October to June.

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Phulbani, a land of waterfalls 

Located 211 km from Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Odisha and 165 km from Berhampur, the major city of South Odisha, Phulbani is surrounded by waterfalls. In fact, waterfalls are the main attractions of the place. One of the top attractions of is the Pakdajhar Falls.

Then, there is Katramal waterfall, the most spectacular of the lot, which is situated at a distance of about 31 km from Phulbani. Putudi waterfall, a hot spot among the local people is situated at a distance of about 18 km from Phulbani. Pakdajhar waterfall is situated at a distance of about 3–5 km from Sudrukumpa, a small village, which is situated about 19 km from the main city. Last but not the least, there is Urmagarh waterfall, which is close to 21 km from Phulbani.

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Amidst nature

The nearest railway station is Rairakhol. It is around 100 km from here. This region has a variety of flora and fauna. It is a place surrounded by hills and has a lot of small and big waterfalls around it.

The perennial river Salunki flows across the lush green jungles and traces its path through the mountains giving rise to some of these roaring waterfalls. The mystic river Salunki houses a dam named ‘Pilasaluki’. It is surrounded by scenic green wood and hence is one of the favourite picnic spots.

The Salunki River has many ghost stories associated with it and one can listen to this folklore from the tribal people dwelling by the river and the hillside. Numerous nature enthusiasts come here to marvel at the splendour of nature and spend some stress busting time under its bliss. A drive to Phulbani is often very enthralling as the bumpy roads are surrounded by rocky hills and densely grown trees.

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River Pila Salunki is heart of this region’s agriculture, but due to lack of water this region has never been a success with agriculture. Mostly the economy is centered on wild plants and herbs. In the last major flood was in 1981. The dam Pilasalunki has been successful in arresting sudden gauss of rain water in rainy season. The dam at Pilasalunki is also a great place for picnics. 

The best tourists places in Phulbani

Apart from the aforementioned places, there are also a number of destinations one can travel in Phulbani. Here goes the list:  

  • Mandasaru
  • Belghar Nature Camp
  • Putudi Waterfall
  • Lord Jagannath Temple
  • Barala Devi Temple
  • Padmatala Sanctuary
  • Narayani Mandir
  • Goud Dei Hill
  • Dungi
  • Pilasalunki Dam
  • Charisambhu Ananta

By Sugyani Mohapatra


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