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Did PM Modi really say “attempt tough questions first” in Pariksha Pe Charcha?

Press Information Bureau, Mann ki Baat and Prime Minister’s Office deleted a tweet quoting the prime minister after his opinions about school exams in Pariksha Pe Charche were ridiculed by netizens

New Delhi, April 9,  2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’, an annual session where he interacts with students and teachers before the upcoming examinations. However, on Wednesday, the Press Information Bureau (PIB), Mann ki Baat and Prime Minister’s Office deleted a tweet quoting PM Modi after his opinions about school exams were ridiculed by netizens.

PM Modi on Pariksha Pe Charcha

In his annual virtual session with school students with Parikasha Pe Charcha, PM Modi was asked by a student from Arunachal Pradesh and a teacher who noted that children get afraid of certain subjects.

Image: YouTube

To this the Press Information Bureau (PIB), Mann ki Baat and Prime Minister’s Office tweeted quoting PM Modi, “Attempt the difficult questions first”. Apparently, this advice caused a stir on social media.

Twitter mocks PM Modi’s “remark” in Pariksha Pe Charcha

From Aam Aadmi Party, Congress to students, PM Modi’s “remarks” in Pariksha Pe Charche were ridiculed on Twitter.

Apparently, teachers and parents tell students to attempt easy questions first and then move on to difficult ones. However, in this case, Twitter handles of PIB and PMO said the opposite.

Modi even said he also starts by tackling the difficult subjects first when he became the prime minister. “When I wake up in the morning, I get ready to fight the difficult things,” he said.

The Aam Aadmi Party tweeted on Thursday “Tweet DELETED! Apparently, these questions were too difficult to attempt for Modi ji.” Arvind Kejriwal’s party even asked PM Modi on PM CARES and vaccination and on whether he would ever held a press conference.

Tweet embed

What exactly happened?

According to fact-checking website Boom Live, PIB and Prime Minister’s Office misquoted what Modi said and tweeted it.

In the video of Pariksha Pe Charcha uploaded by PIB, PM Modi’s interaction can be seen from 9.00 minutes uploaded on YouTube.

Image: Election Tamasha

In his response, PM Modi related the fear of certain subjects to like and dislikes that students feel to particular subjects. “When you like certain things more, you become comfortable with them,” Modi said, noting students needed to use their energy uniformly and equally distribute it for all subjects. “If you have two hours to study, study each subject with equal devotion; distribute your time uniformly,” Modi said.

“You may have noticed teachers and parents teach us to do what is easy at first… we see it repeatedly said in examinations, ‘do what is easy at first; if there is time left, do the difficult [questions],’” Modi said.

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From approximately 13.40 minutes on the PIB video, Modi refers to the portion that has become contentious.

“But on the issue of studying, I understand this advice (of doing easy things first) is not necessary or useful. On the issue of studying, I say take things that are difficult first as your mind is fresh. If you take the difficult things first, the easy things become easier,” Modi said.


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