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Norfolk Day 2021: Bring home the exotic charm of the dreamland Norfolk, exploring its rich history

Norfolk's exceptionally precipitous beauty champions it in being one of the most beloved areas in England, and pausing to celebrate its history and distinction, Norfolk Day 2021 is observed on July 27. From Norfolk Day cupcakes with yellow, black, and white icing, to Norfolk pasties, or even a locally sourced seafood platter including Cromer crab and Brancaster oysters, these exciting colours and flavours are sure to make them go gaga!

July 27, 2021: The phenomenal beauty of Norfolk’s adventurous playgrounds, amazing sea-side resorts, unspoilt coasts with cliffs, man-made broads, big skies and sparkling landscapes, to list the least, belittles the most lavish descriptions. It’s got the fairytale edition of a kingdom, filled with villages and uncluttered by towns. The history of this magical wonderland Norfolk, goes back hundreds and thousands of years. It is thought that this area has been inhabited ever since this ancient find, meaning that today Norfolk has over 3,00,000 years of human history beneath its soil. Norfolk Day 2021 is celebrated on July 27.

History of Norfolk Day 2021

To dig up the history of Norfolk Day 2021, we have to trace an extent of about 300,000 years, when the first humans left their very first prints on the soil that is now called Norfolk. That long stretch of time has seen the world undergo through an ice age, the incursion of the Romans, and stellar technological advancements. The fact that findings in other regions of England hint at an even ancient beginning say as far back as 6,68,000 years, it can be safely said that Norfolk has been inhabited much longer than 3,00,000 years.

The modern history of Norfolk began in the Roman Era, since then it has been a rollercoaster ride! It has changed hands many times, been the subject of multiple wars as England formed out of a province of the Roman Empire, became part of the Kingdom of the East Angles, then the Earldom of Harold I of England, and then settled in comfortable as part of England in the Middle Ages. Throughout this period, it was one of the most important markets and agrarian areas in the country and is home to a number of English heroes.

How to celebrate Norfolk Day

The best way to start is to reflect at the magnanimous history of Norfolk, thereby understanding the significance of assigning a day, annually to marvel at its worth. Witnessing thousands of years of human history, cultural and technological developments, Norfolk has emerged as
one of the most iconic regions in England. Home to a spellbinding natural beauty, Norfolk is ranked top of the tourist destinations in England owing to its picturesque settings!

Ways to celebrate Norfolk Day 2021 under the social distancing norms

To be celebrated on Tuesday, July 27, the annual event is backed by the Eastern Daily Press, Norwich Evening News, and BBC Radio Norfolk and provides an opportunity to lend a shout out to the scenic Norfolk beauty! Under the prevalent surge in cases of the COVID-19 pandemic and its alarming third wave at hand, restrictions benefit in disarming the virus!

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However, even amid these limitations, we have listed some of the best ways to enjoy Norfolk day in all its glory and swagger.

1. Plan a picnic

It’s the best time to plan a luxurious day off of the mundaneness and repetitive weekly schedule and pile up some yummy goodies in a basket, a picnic mat and drive to your nearest park or perhaps go to your terrace or compound, in accord with your area’s covid regulations. As for the residents, you can find yourselves a quiet spot and relish some tasty snacks in full view of the Norfolk spectacle. A blessing for some quality time with family or loved ones!

2. Host a virtual Norfolk day bash!

Now that it’s all about the online and virtual meets and sessions, the spectacular events hosted as part of the Norfolk Day celebrations in the past could be transferred to the online mode and enjoyed by even a much wider audience, right from the comfort of home!

One can arrange for a night of music, dance, performance, or maybe some kind of exhibition?  

3. Create a Norfolk-themed banquet 

A superhit with the kids! From Norfolk Day cupcakes with yellow, black, and white icing, to Norfolk pasties, or even a locally sourced seafood platter including Cromer crab and Brancaster oysters, these exciting colours and flavours are sure to make them go gaga!

4. Share those offers 

Norfolk Day can work wonders for businesses! It not only offers that spiritual connection with the essence of the wonderland but also gives you an opportunity to showcase what you do so well. Are there special offers you could run just for Norfolk Day? 

5. Have an adventure 

What better holiday destination than the mystical land of Norfolk! And for the denizens of England, you can visit somewhere new in the county that you’ve never heard of or been to before – either on your own, with a friend, or the family.   

6. Capture it 

Waiting for an auspicious kick-start to your blogging dreams? Today is your day. Start a blog, dig up the royal histories about Norfolk, or photograph your favourite local landmarks. Write and showcase publicly all the amazing local spots that grab your fancy and popularise them worldwide!

7. Pick up a book 

Choose a book by a Norfolk author, or one which is set in Norfolk, to show your appreciation of our wonderful literature. Anna Sewell was born in Great Yarmouth and is best known for her novel Black Beauty. Philip Pullman was born in Norwich and his popular fantasy series, His Dark Materials, feature several references to East Anglia, Norwich, and the fens. Why not contact your local independent bookstore and ask them to send you something from its Norfolk section? 

8. Give something back 

Sarah McPherson started Mini Donks in May 2017 as a social enterprise that offers visits from its miniature donkeys to care homes, schools and hospitals to relieve stress and improve wellbeing. Today, donate a little portion of your bounty to one of your favourite Norfolk charities. There are so many great causes to choose from, from miniature donkeys to helping bereaved children, and every charity would be exceptionally grateful. 

9. Have a party at home 

Put on some crafty pants and organise a helluva bash, just where you are, at your home sweet home! Shortlist some dancing hits and engage in a fun “guess the Norfolk word” (venture a guess on what a bishy-barnabee is?), and enjoy some quality family time while hosting a house party!

Every event you plan, whether huge in scale or miniscule, is definitely going to make a big impact on the lives around you! So be sure to celebrate the day as best as you can.

Written by: Arpita Patro


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