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Some of the new features for Android are coming your way

There are some new features for Android smartphones that are all set to come in this year. Google announced a list of these new features and developments to older versions of some useful apps.

February 28, 2021: Google today announced the new features for Android, including a new password checkup tool, a way to schedule your texts, along with other improvements to products like its screen reader, TalkBack, Maps, Assistant, and Android Auto. 

Google announced new features for Android smartphones 

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  • Scheduling text messages

This new update is one of the most in-demand features since SMS was invented: the ability to schedule your texts.

The schedule send feature is already in Gmail and now is coming to messages on Android.

“With schedule send, you can compose a message ahead of time when it’s convenient for you, and schedule it to send at the right moment,” Google said.

This feature will help a person to ask a follow-up question for a client that just occurred to them at 1am. 

It will help to write a heartfelt thank you that is to be texted at a later date.

This can be particularly helpful if you have friends, family or coworkers, and colleagues in other time zones, and are hesitant to bother them when they could be sleeping or enjoying family time after work.

This feature is available for phones running on Android 7 or higher.

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  • Dark mode available for Google Maps 

Dark mode is now available on almost every major app and is now arriving on Google Maps as well. Head to your Settings, tap on theme, and then click on Always in Dark Theme to turn on the dark mode. 

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  • A safer place for passwords

Google is integrating the password checkup feature on Android smartphones. This feature lets you know if the password you used has been previously exposed and what to do about it.

The feature works with autofill with Google, which lets you quickly sign in to apps and other services on Android. 

Now, when you use autofill, a password checkup will check your credentials against a list of known compromised passwords, then notify you if your credentials appear on that list and what to do about it

To use this feature, you’ll need to have autofill enabled. (Settings > System > Languages & Input > Advanced, the tap Autofill. Tap Google to ensure the setting is enabled.)

This feature will be available on phones running Android 9 and newer. 

Image: Android Central
  • Talkback feature for visually impaired users

Google has come up with an update that will be helpful to the visually impaired people, a new version of Talkback, Android’s screen reader, is now available. 

A lot more features — more intuitive gestures, a unified menu, a new reading control menu — can be accessed without looking at the screen.

TalkBack today allows users to navigate their devices with their voices and gestures in order to read, write, send emails, share social media, order delivery, and more.

This will work on Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices from One UI 3 onwards, Google said.

Users can also now add or remove options from the TalkBack menu or the reading controls to further customize the interface to their needs. Plus, TalkBack’s braille keyboard added support for Arabic and Spanish. 

Image: Android Authority
  • A smarter Google Assistant

A better experience version of google assistant is on the way, which will allow you to use the feature when the phone is locked or is kept farther away from you, by turning on Lock Screen Personal Results in Assistant’s Settings then saying, “Hey Google,” as needed.

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“The new cards that appear when the phone is locked are meant to be easier to read with just a glance,” Google said. 

New features for Android: Updates to old apps

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  • New updates

Custom wallpapers, voice-activated games, and trivia will now be available on Android Auto. Google is also launching new shortcuts on the launch screen of Android Auto. 

These Android Auto features will be available in the coming days on phones running Android 6.0 or above, provided your car is compatible with Android Auto.

Android Auto’s features will roll out in the coming days on phones running Android 6.0 and higher and work with compatible cars. 

By Shrabanee Sabat


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