Home Spotlight Nagaland-based singer Sosin Naomi makes debut with single inspired by Covid-19

Nagaland-based singer Sosin Naomi makes debut with single inspired by Covid-19

Nagaland-based singer Sosin Naomi pens ‘Be OK’ during the lockdown. The singer-songwriter says she has always loved to work but the sudden lockdown worldwide made it worse. It was then she started writing the song.

Sept 13, IANSlife: Be OK’ a bright and fresh pop track written by 23-year-old Nagaland-based singer Sosin Naomi speaks of self-care and moving forward, making it extremely relevant and relatable in the post-pandemic era. 

Nagaland-based singer Sosin Naomi pens pandemic track

Sosin Naomi has always tried to keep her songwriting personal, building on themes of love, vulnerability and hardships. The singer-songwriter  released the debut single and music video with Delhi-based independent record label Solid Pillow Records. The music video was directed by Gaurav Dhingra of SpacePepper Studios.

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Nagaland-based singer Sosin Naomi finds inspiration in John Mayer

Speaking to IANSlife about her new song launch, Sosin shares, “I started writing ‘Be OK’ during the lockdown. I’ve always loved to keep working but the sudden lockdown worldwide couldn’t have made it worse. So, here is where I started on and the song came about while reflecting on the situation which coerced me into my personal headspace. I believed that my debut single should be ideally on something I really hold on to. And not letting the pandemic delay it any further, I started working on it as things got better. I came to Delhi and got introduced to Solid Pillow Records, who were enthusiastic about producing it and having me on their roster. The contributions of their team were immense and it helped turn my vision into reality.”

Naomi was born and raised in an environment surrounded by music, given that both of her parents were big-time music lovers. This paved the way for her to get into singing at a very young age and being exposed to a variety of genres like country, rock and blues. Some of her major inspirations include Shania Twain, H.E.R, and John Mayer.

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In search of new voices

‘Be OK’ marks the first release by record label Solid Pillow Records. Established and conceptualized in 2021 by minds behind the fast-growing SpacePepper Studios, the label aims to bridge the gap between artistic freedom and the current oversaturated music environment. They seek to support new sounds and artists from the sub-continent, otherwise overlooked traditionally.


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