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Movies by Irrfan Khan: Let’s re-watch a few on the eve of our adored actor’s birthday

Movies by Irrfan Khan quite easily highlight his intense commitment towards his work, so much so, that he would stay awake till the morning reading scripts and planning work even after coming home.

Movies by Irrfan Khan

Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan, professionally known as Irrfan Khan was talent personified. Movies by Irrfan Khan highlight his intense commitment towards his work, so much so, that he would stay awake till the morning reading scripts and planning work even after coming home.

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Irrfan Khan’s quietus was a great deprivation to the world of cinema and theatre. His protean renditions will always be treasured in our hearts.

Irrfan Khan was born on January 7, 1967, to a business family in Jaipur.

He wanted to make his career in cricket while his family wanted him to join the family business dealing in tyres.

When the fate did not favour his interest, he joined the National School of Drama in 1984 to pursue acting.

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Irrfan Khan turned out to be one of the finest actors our nation had produced. He was known for his subtle and understated performances.

The whole nation was taken aback by the demise of a beautiful soul and the most underrated and cherished actor on April 29, 2020.

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Some of the most popular movies by Irrfan Khan

Let’s celebrate and re-watch some of the pre-eminent movies on our favourite Irrfan Khan’s birthday and never forget the gems he has enriched us with.

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Here are some of the distinguished works of Irrfan Khan our revered actor.

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Paan Singh Tomar

Irrfan Khan bought alive many characters with his aslant grin or that profound gaze, Irrfan Khan’s delineation of the athlete-turned-bandit Paan Singh Tomar directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia, will remain among of his elite accomplishments, commemorating a man who was just an afterthought in Indian sports till then.

Irrfan Khan illustrated the character of an Indian Army soldier who is compelled by trying spheres to become a dacoit in the biographical drama.

In his magnificent body of work lies this 2012 gem of a film that made Tomar a household name, a good 31 years after he was shot dead by the police in an encounter which reportedly lasted several hours.

This fascinating enforcement of Irrfan won critical recognition upon its release and became a revolutionary film in Irrfan’s career.

The performance brought in a national award and all-round eulogise for the veritable lucidity with which he endeavoured the role of a beehad ka baaghi.

The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox directed by Ritesh Batra,starring Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur won the Critics Week Viewers’ Choice Award at the Cannes in 2013. Irrfan Khan stole the limelight, portraying the character of a taciturn widower Saajan Fernandes who comes upon an atypical epistolary friendship with a housewife, Ila (Nimrat Kaur).

The Lunchbox is a fable-like tale set in Mumbai of a misdelivered dabba that sparks a beautiful romance, aided purely by an exchange of letters between Saajan Fernandes and Ila.

Irrfan Khan who had been solus for a while is astounded when he perceives that he is falling in love again at the twilight of his life.

Irrfan’s eyes have expressed each and every emotion so splendidly that this character will remain imbibed in our hearts forever.

This movie released in 2013, was one of the highest grossing movies of Irrfan Khan. It was nominated for Best Film Not in English category of the British academy film awards 2015.

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The Meghna Gulzar directed mystery thriller is inspired by the sensational murder of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar. Irrfan Khan accepts the challenges that come with making a film about real-life incidents and “human beings who are alive and suffering today”. This movie is a sensitive and responsible portrayal of what happened in a Noida household on the intervening night in 15-16 May, 2008. Before the film was released, Irrfan Khan said that a powerful and emotional story-telling compelled him to be a part of this movie.

Here, Irrfan is found playing the role of an investigating officer, Ashwin Kumar, who is tenacious to get to the bottom of the murder case of Aarushi Talwar.

Talvar was featured at Toronto International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival and received a rousing response.

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Vishal Bharadwaj’s Maqbool starring Irrfan Khan and Tabu is inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

This movie is set in Mumbai’s gangster world, telling the story of Maqbool, a shrewd and efficient second lieutenant in a gang who wants to wrest control from the aging leader. Apart from abiding on the barbarous yearning and its consequences, the film deals with corruption in the police and movie industry, and the dominion some gangsters hold over them.

This movie showcased Irrfan administering a distinctive evocation of the heart-rending hero torn between his innamorato and his allegiance for his mentor.

This movie was well-perceived at the Toronto international film festival and impressed South African film magnifico Anant Singh so much that he bought its world rights.

Maqbool was invited to more than half a dozen film festivals.

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Irrfan Khan’s women-centric films are the true reflection of the society. It was pointed out several times that Irrfan Khan might not pull off comedy the way he expressed himself as an intense actor. He proved the naysayers wrong with his show-stealing performance as Rana Chaudhry, an impatient but good-hearted businessman who runs a fleet of taxis, in Shoojit Sircar’s Piku.

His funny sallies with Amitabh Bachchan were the highlight of the movie. A light-hearted movie giving you some life lessons is all you need to watch.

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Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium directed by Saket Chaudhary is a social commentary on the elitist mentality of our society, where we evolved from the caste divide but got into the trap of class divide.

Irrfan plays the role of Raj Batra, a boutique owner who lives in Chandni Chowk. This movie showcased the struggle Raj and his wife go through to get their child admitted in an English-medium school.

At the 63rd Filmfare Awards, the film garnered six nominations, winning for Best Film and Best Actor for Khan. Chaudhary won Best Director and Khan won for Best Actor at the 19th IIFA Awards. It received six nominations at the Zee Cine Awards.

Irrfan Khan has set a benchmark in the film industry and his versatility and fearless acting will remain preserved in our hearts forever. May his soul rest in peace.

Written by: Arshi Zaman


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