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Maa – The first word that a child learns

Maa has many names. Mother is someone who gives unconditional love. Mother's day is a token of remembrance to showcase her sacrifice for a child every year.

Like the 8 planets of our solar system revolves around the sun similarly every child’s life revolves around the word “mother”. So who is a mother? Going by biology we know someone who gives us birth is our mother. But peeping into life and reality we would concede she is someone who loves us unconditionally, sacrificed her wishes and dreams for us, our path guider, and most importantly a person for life. No matter how harsh situations turn out to be she is always found by our side, standing still. No matter how many simile, alliteration, metaphors, and other beautiful words we put in but none of us can decide and give justification to the word “Mother.” We just cannot bind her within a word limit to describe how much she has contributed to shaping our lives.

The day she finds that we are inside her she becomes extra careful and does every possible thing to protect us. Her body not only goes through physical changes but also a lot of hormonal imbalance and mental pressure. She still carries us for 9 months ignoring all of them. The only day she laughs when her baby would be crying is the day she gives birth to her baby. She becomes our 1st teacher. She tries strenuously to give her child the best thing she could give. Still, she constantly doubts herself whether she could be the best mother or not. Slowly with time, a child grows up. He/ she wants to explore the world and thinking the mother is the only person who is the envy of their happiness. The mother is assumed as the villain because she tries to protect her child from the world outside. She has seen the world is well aware of the fact about the cruelty and reality outside the home. How could she let her most loved gems to be in danger? In our teenage days, we often misinterpret her decisions and fail to understand her intentions. We continue to misunderstand until we face a downfall or we become a parent especially, a mother.

Being a mother is never easy. She has to cut out her shares to make you happy. She sacrifices her sleep for us when we fall ill. She is just like coconut, strong outside, and tender inside. She may forbid you to do certain things but she always loves you more than anything in her life.

A mother can guess vibes. She can very well say just looking at the person whether their company is good or bad. Whenever she says so, we should believe her because a mother has always got a strong sense.

Have you never noticed that whenever you come back from outside, we always search for mother? She is the one who makes the house a beautiful home. Whenever we get hurt, she is one who is in tears.

MAA, BOU, AMMA, AAI, AMMIJAAN and so many other names she possesses. Whenever we say MAA we feel peace. Whenever we are sad, happy, nervous, or goes through any other emotion we call Maa. Maa is the word that comes out at prompt when we are hurt or fearful.

She may have studied less but she always ensures that her children get proper education and settle down. Whenever we yell at her all our frustrations, anger, and insecurities she gets really hurt but still, she tries to forget everything and continue to love us. People are often found complaining that my mother does not understand me. Probably we forget that probably she understood us when nobody else did. Remember when you were a kid and you could hardly communicate she was the one who understands everything. All we need to do is to talk to that person. Apart from talking to her for our needs, we need to talk to her like a friend also. She tries to understand everything and does every possible thing to be your friend. But along with you she also grows old and needs a friend. She just wants your time and attention.

Imagine the day she won’t be with u anymore. Who will call you twice a day to ensure whether you have eaten properly or not? Who will cater to your needs? Who will pamper you? Who will love you unconditionally? No One! Sometimes we realize how many times we have wronged her when she no longer is us. Somewhere deep down in our hearts we know how many times we have done injustice and yell at her for no reason. We have spoken to her badly and most importantly we forgot that unlike we need her, she needs us too.

Do you really think that one day enough for us to shower all the lovers and how much we owe her? Throughout the year, you didn’t bother her, and all of a sudden you show much of love just to show social media. She needs that love daily. Our mother and we belong to different generations. Our upbringings are different. The world has evolved a lot and she tries hard to fit in your world. We may have may poems, stories, and beautiful creations on her but what worthy is we also need to be her friend. We need to understand her.

Have you noticed that in this lockdown probably she is the one whom we have considered being a MasterChef asking for anything at any time? She hardly manages time to have rest. Does not she also need rest? She manages food, family, needs, and hardly could make time for indeed. Hardly a few of us would be helping our mothers.

Apart from our biological mothers, we have Dadi, Nani, Masi, Mami, Bua, a particular teacher, an elder sibling, friend, our friends’ mom, and a senior who always behave like our mom. They pamper, protect, and care for us when our mom isn’t with us. They are there for the nuisance we create outside the home and keeping it a secret.

On this occasion of mother’s day, we are all sure how grateful we are to them. A sorry and thankyou maybe are too small for all our deeds but trust me she would be happy. Maybe it’s the day to apologize for what nuisance we have been. Thank you, moms, for keeping our demands first. Thank you for being the bridge between me and dad (although you hate when we clash and you have to be the middle man). Thank you for lending your ears to our chattering all around the year. Thank you for fulfilling all our wishes and bearing all the tantrums. We are sorry for all those sleepless nights, unnecessary fights, and yes yelling at times. Thank you to that special teacher, aunt, senior, siblings, and granny for being there in thick and thins. How can we forget the father who single-handedly tries both to be father and mother?

Giving birth to giving life, being the call of the plight and for believing us always, thank you. Thank you and sorry doesn’t mean we don’t owe you but indeed is grateful.

Wishing All The moms in the world and dads who single-handedly raise their babies A Happy Mother’s Day. May you live longer and stronger. To All the Moms We may be careless, irresponsible, and exact opposite of how you are but we all love you Maa.

Florence Das
She is a philanthropist, logophile, bibliophile, And an Aesthete. Florence is a keen philomath. She is a Sustainable Development student, poet, blogger, and proud Odia. She Believes to bring change through her writing like a "Blooming Flower " defining her name.


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