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Memes of Rose Day 2021 for a humorous touch

You might not be expecting memes of Rose Day 2021 but here you are. The week of love has begun and couples are supposedly giving each other roses. Check out these hilarious memes from single people that are doing the rounds on Twitter.

Memes of Rose Day 2021

People around the world are gearing up for a week filled with love and romance ahead of Valentine’s Day to confess their love or to promise to be in love forever. On this occasion, the singles decided to have a hearty laugh and flooded Twitter and other mediums with memes of Rose Day. To join in the fun, we have gathered some of the most interesting memes of Rose Day 2021 from Twitter. 

So, if you are looking for some funny memes among all the love-filled posts check out these shares. 

●  #roseday

Couples today: pic.twitter.com/DQR6i1PgwS

— Paras Jain (@__iamparas__) February 7, 2021

●  #roseday

1.When you receive a rose from handsome guy and she accept him

2.Then he says, “it’s prank” pic.twitter.com/cdwEH4eOPh

— 마륵 타망🍀🍀 (@3939Mark) February 7, 2021

●  When it’s #roseday and gf ask for Rose”

My type of boys: pic.twitter.com/pjgQjTmK91

— SACHIN SINGH RAJPUT (@ettitude_boii) February 7, 2021

●  #RoseDay is trending

Le singles and me: pic.twitter.com/1fIqnqPE2U

— kash ✨ (@kashish_vayeda) February 7, 2021

●  Single me watching couples giving roses to each other. #roseday

— Rohit Dubey (@_rohit_dubey) February 7, 2021

Image: Goodhousekeeping

Rose Day

The romantic month has already arrived with mushy love stories. Rose Day on February 7, marks the beginning of Valentine’s week.

It is said that the Victorians began the culture of exchanging roses with their beloved for communicating unspoken feelings.

Image: Pinterest

Red roses

Red roses are known to be the true expression of love as they define love and romance. It conveys romantic meanings to your beloved ones like “I love you” or “Be Mine”. Therefore, take a deep breath and gift your beloved a red rose to express your feelings. They are the true Valentine’s Day roses.

Image: Amazon

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses symbolise friendship and caring. Gifting a yellow rose to someone you love will express purely platonic emotions.

Image: Pinterest

Orange Roses

The orange rose symbolises enthusiasm and passion. You may opt for it to express a deep feeling of intense desire for someone special. You can give it along with a red rose too.

Image: Pinterest

Pink Roses

Pink roses symbolise gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy. You give these special blooms in case you are celebrating the day of love in an unconventional way.

Image: Pinterest

White Roses

The white rose symbolises innocence and purity. They are mostly used on occasions like during weddings or funerals. Therefore, you might like to avoid gifting them during this time of the year unless you get to hear the wedding bells.

Image: Pinterest

Peach Rose

Wondering about gifting your loved one peach roses? They signify modesty, expressing the first blush of love and appreciation. To appreciate someone for their beauty and modesty, this rose works the best.

Image: Pinterest

Lavender Roses

The feeling of love at first sight is expressed through lavender colour. These roses convey adoration and fantasy along with a sense of majesty and splendor.

Image: Pinterest

Blue Roses

Do you feel “I can’t have you but I can’t stop thinking about you” when you see your crush? In case you feel the same, you definitely give blue roses as they embody the desire for the unattainable.

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Written by: Sugyani Mohapatra


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