Home Personality Meet Mridula Tripathi, wife of Bollywood’s Ludo man Pankaj Tripathi

Meet Mridula Tripathi, wife of Bollywood’s Ludo man Pankaj Tripathi

Mridula Tripathi, a teacher by profession, was initially the breadwinner in the family. She supported her husband, Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi, during his days of struggle. The actor of Stree and Ludo speaks of their life together in interviews.

Mumbai, April 30, 2021: Pankaj Tripathi’s journey of becoming an actor has not been a bed of roses but actually depicts a Bollywood movie. There is drama, rejections, dreams, and hopes. Even after achieving stardom, the Ludo actor still wears the crown of humbleness. However, the actor believes it is his wife’s  – Mridula Tripathi – vision, which brought him all the success.

The adage, “Behind every successful man is a strong woman who held it all together”, stands true in the Bollywood actor’s life.

Mridula Tripathi speaks up in rare interview

Although the Bollywood actor prefers to keep the spotlight away from his family, on rare occasions his wife spoke up on life with him.

Tripathi had a long arduous journey to reach where he is today, not just in his choices of roles.

 Along with his wife, he has endeavoured to break the mould in real life too. Mridula Tripathi, Pankaj’s wife has been a constant support for him all this way. Here is a short glimpse about Tripathi’s lady love.

Image: Bollywood Hungama

Pankaj and Mridula Tripathi

Pankaj and Mridula Tripathi tied the knot in 2004 and have a daughter together named Aashi. Their love story is not very different from any other Bollywood story.

He saw Mridula at a wedding as he confessed in an interview. “It was my sister’s wedding and I saw her and thought to myself, “This is the woman I want to spend the rest of life with. And I didn’t know her name or who she was at that time”. Then Mridula was in class 9 and Pankaj was two years senior to her. Mridula went to a great length to break up the marriage that her parents had fixed for her and went for Pankaj.

Image: Her Zindagi

Mridula, the breadwinner

Mridula is a teacher by profession and initially was the breadwinner in the family. She supported her husband during his initial days of struggle and Pankaj has proudly professed that in interviews.

Reacting to Tripathi’s statement about his wife working, Mridula said, “In a male dominating society it rarely happens that a man would admit his wife’s “earned” while he was struggling to establish his career”.

She added, “Women are known to work but they are never acknowledged. That one sentence of acknowledgement makes me my family and my daughter so happy.”

She admits that she was hardly adept at cooking and her husband cooked and packed her lunch as she went out for work every day.

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Image: Utkal Today

A staunch support

Mridula supported Pankaj when he was still a struggling actor, still waiting to land that one role that granted him the recognition he rightly deserved. Pankaj had been doing small roles in movies since 2004, but the recognition came in 2012 with Gangs of Wasseypur.

And those eight years, Mridula Tripathi had been standing beside him as his biggest support system. A lady that he admired and vowed to be with had always proved him correct at all edges.

By Angela Jena


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