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Know more about lipsticks with these amazing 15 facts on Lipstick Day 2021

From enchanting nudes to sizzling cherry reds, take your pick and you're good to go! As we celebrate the luxury and companionship of lips on the occasion of National Lipstick Day 2021, we have for you some amazingly fun facts on lipsticks!

July 29, 2021: Lipsticks in the millennial gen have become symbols of power, strength, resolve, independence and rebellion in the world-both for women as well as men. Just like the popular American actress says, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” The shades on your lips not only give you a whole new look, but seem to transform your psyche too, empowering you all the way! Riding along with its very many pros in women’s dating life making them feel sexy, sassy and appealing, without much effort unlike the counter sex (wink) with just a dab of your glosses shade, lipsticks also define and speak volumes about your personality! As we celebrate the luxury and companionship of lips on the occasion of National Lipstick Day 2021, we have enlisted for you some amazingly fun facts on lipsticks, that probably you’re a virgin to!

The load of care and pampering that comes with the latest moisturising and nourishing lipstick brands, definitely make you feel worth it.

 From the enchanting nude hues to the sizzling cherry red, pick your pick and you’re good to go!

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National Lipstick Day 2021: Facts on lipsticks that’ll hit your intrigue

1. Statistics cover that about 55% of all women wear lipstick. Taken on an average, women spend about Rs 1,22,445.31 on lipsticks during their lifetime. Well, that’s too less, don’t we agree ladies?

Bare beginnings of lipstick

2. You thought the first lipstick was that cherry dab on Snow White? Well, out from that wonderland, in reality lip paint was first used in the Sumerian region (Presently Iraq and Kuwait now) around 5000 BCE.

Shattering stereotypes like a pro

3. There are some bold stereotypes that characterised its origins! Primarily, lipstick was seen as scandalous by most women and worn predominantly by sex workers in ancient Greece. Talk about the hegemonic power of discourse, that convinced masses of the theory!

Suited for women and men, right from Adam!

4. You still don’t think lipsticks are unisex? It was custom for both men as well as women to wear lip colour made from a mixture of red ochre, carmine, wax, or animal fat in ancient Egypt. Magenta, blue-black and red were the popular shades. Now you know why Joey was on a lipstick commercial!

5. Familiar with white kajal? The 1960s saw white lipstick flourishing as a trend for a bold look. How cool is that!

6. The first commercial lipstick was introduced by Guerlain in the form of a lip pomade in 1828.

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National Lipstick Day 2021: Cosmopolitan gives you a bedroom secret on lipsticks

7. Home to the juiciest tips and advices, Cosmopolitan holds that the easiest way to find your perfect nude lipstick shade is by matching it to the colour of your nipples. It can be another one of those secret girl code messages and we can together keep the guys in the shadows!

Thank Hazel Bishop for your steamy companion’s long-lasting performance- the lipstick folks!

8. Well, the evolution into a longer lasting product was achieved by the phenomenal discovery of Hazel Bishop, a biochemist who invented the first long-lasting lipstick after World War II. Thanks to her, you no longer have to excuse yourself to the loo, to dab some more of that lipstick!

9. There’s a reason why they say, its a rule that every woman must own a blood red lipstick shade! Research suggests that by applying red lipstick you can look younger because a deep contrast between features is something we associate with youth.

10. During the 1700s, some women in America would suck on lemons all day long in order to redden their lips. Maybe, lipsticks weren’t in fashion then!

11. Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick is one of the most expensive lipsticks in the world that costs Rs 42,66,995. Would you go for it?

Queens and lipsticks- the covalent bond supported by history

12. Talking about the covalent bond of queens and lipsticks, Queen Elizabeth I popularised lipstick so much that it was used as a substitute for actual currency.

13. So well had she championed the beauty product, that it made the Elizabethans believe that lipstick had life-giving powers, and Queen Elizabeth herself applied it on her deathbed.

14. And as far as breaking barriers and gaining that coveted female independence is concerned by the stroke of a lip shade, its stemmed from history too! In the 1700s, a man had the right to annul his marriage if his wife had used lip rouge during their courtship. I bet today’s boss-ladies would prefer lipstick over men!

Funny and how! A guilty fact

15. Those women who apply lipstick on a daily basis unintentionally tend to eat about 4 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Oh My God! That’s what the numbers say. With your experience from childhood, be a bit cautious as you line your little one’s lips with a lipstick shade.

Written by: Arpita Patro


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