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How to Link Aadhaar with Voter ID?

The major difference between Aadhaar and Voter ID is that for Voter ID one must reach up to the age of 18 which is not at all mandatory for Aadhaar. Linking both Aadhaar with Voter ID card officially will help abolish counterfeit or multiple numbers of voter ID cards in an undivided part of any individual’s name. Let's see how we can benefit.

In India, Aadhaar number is a 12 digit figure which is arranged with undefined numbers particularly issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) to all the citizens of India who are the legal permanent resident. After fulfilling the basic requirements, the verification process marked with parallel lines by the authorities. Without consideration of age or gender, anyone who is an Indian resident may voluntarily enroll to get hold of Aadhaar number. 

The Indian Voter Identification Document (ID) is an outflow by the Election Commission of India to a resident of India who has attained 18 years of age and is finally eligible to cast their vote in the country’s municipal, state and national elections. It serves as an identity proof for the citizens of India. It also serves as common identity proof, age proof, and address proof related to other purposes like applying for a passport or buying a SIM card for mobile phones. It is also identified as the Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC). It is first acquainted by the Chief Election Commissioner T.N. Seshan, during his service period in the year 1993.

Aadhaar Identity tribune with its intrinsic qualities of Authentication, Financial address, Uniqueness, and e- Key, make it applicable for the Government of India to directly contact any resident of India for any kind of issues or support specifically. The major difference between Aadhaar and Voter ID is that for Voter ID one must reach up to the age of 18 which is not at all mandatory for Aadhaar. Linking both Aadhaar with Voter ID card officially will help abolish counterfeit or multiple numbers of voter ID cards in an undivided part of any individual’s name. Many problematic cases have been seen in both the Voter ID and Aadhaar issues in the past. The Aadhaar registration also requires a person’s biometric information such as fingerprint and retina scans. That is the most important factor why the government decided to link the Voter ID with Aadhaar to get rid of any duplication issues.

Significant benefits of Aadhaar Card and Voter IDs holders:

Identification Card

It is not equivalent to voter ID whose whole main motive is to allow the cardholder to take part in the whole Electoral process in India. Aadhaar card was not created for this purpose but as a universally Government permitted card specifically through 12 unique digit numbers. Aadhaar is a versatile card used for multiple purposes.

Dexterity of Accessibility

The only government-issued document that is available at any location and at any time is Aadhaar. This card can be applied online from any corner of the country. It also makes it very convenient for a person to always have a copy of a government-issued identification document. And it limits the risk of being misplaced or stolen in a way or other since it can be available online e-Aadhaar.

Effective for Subsidies

The major uses of this card are that all the government subsidies facilities avail for the needed those who are enlisted for the eligible categories. Only after producing the Aadhaar card, one can avail all the facilities provided by the government. As so far the government introduced the schemes where the Aadhaar card is mandatory are LPG connections to the citizens individually and back accounts are bound to link with the 12 digit number specifically mentioned in the Aadhaar.

Benefits of Aadhaar cardholders for Government process

  • Procurement of Passport: The procurement of a passport by an individual did take a lot of steps and processes. But with the help of the Aadhaar card and the application which is mandatory for a passport through the online method, it helps save a lot of time.
  • Computerized Life Certificate: The scheme started by the government “Jeevan Praman for Pensioners”, initiated by the current Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi can easily avail pension by the pensioners only by access digitally the Aadhaar Card 12 digit numbers.
  • Jan Dhan Yojana: This yojana opened through bank account and Aadhaar card number from any rural or remote areas of India is quite helpful for individuals around the remote areas.
  • Opening bank account: To open a bank account the Aadhaar card can be very handy. The documents can be used for various purposes like identification and verification purposes and also for KYC.
  • LPG Subsidy: The users can avail 17 digits LPG ID, the mandatory criteria to link the 12 digit Aadhaar number. 

But there are some specific eligibility criteria for voter ID holders those who are registering:

  • The person must hold Indian Citizenship.
  • The person must be 18 years of age or above on the date of eligibility which is the 1st of January of the year of the new version of electoral roll.

If we look over some more advantages of Voter ID cardholders, then those are as follows

  • A suitable form of identification.
  • It can be planned as per the action to the low literacy rates.
  • A transformation that the voter is as it ought to be registered.
  • It can be a more practicable form of identity proof where many voters have no permanent address.
  • It allows voting in the areas where the voter may not recognize as familiar.
  • It prevents multi voting and therefore marked specifically when the voter has got hold of the ballot.
  • It can be issued forward on with the material in a Voter Education Campaign.

Apart from the advantages some disadvantages also prevail and those are of follows

  • The voter ID card can be lost or stolen.
  • The cards can be very costly to produce because there will be the use of papers.
  • The cards may be difficult for both the government and citizens to rely on.
  • A specific department of administration will be allotted to carry out such works which will take much more time to complete and then circulate. 
  • Though it was made of up paper, it must be updated regularly.
  • The distribution procedure of cards may be hectic and will create chaos having such a hugely populated country like India. 
  • During the election period, some voters may not have their IDs and reach the voting station and which may lead to a problematic situation.

The domains that are mentioned in a voter ID card

  • The sticker of a particular three- dimensional image.
  • Sequential NumberID holder’s name
  • ID holder’s gender
  • ID holder’s age
  • ID holder’s parent’s name
  • ID holder’s photograph
  • ID holder’s resident address
  • ID holder’s signature

The Chief Election Commissioner of India Sunil Arora and the other two election Commissioners, Sunil Chandra and Ashok Lavasa complied with legislative affairs secretary G Narayan Raju and an additional secretary Rita Vashishth to discuss the electoral reforms. The linkage of Aadhaar card with voter ID is considered crucial to the Election Commission’s having a greater reality of defending the electoral role of all the inconsistencies.

The panel is going forward with advanced technologies, including a blockchain system. It is also a very significant area to discuss upon for the poll panel’s plan to grant domestic refugee workers to cast their votes from any part of the country. So the government is likely to discuss the linkage of this issue to the Cabinet Ministry for approval as soon as it will be required an amendment to the Representation of People Act, 1951. And finally, the Government of India maintains a portal for the linking Aadhaar card with Voter ID by providing both the processes through online and SMS facilities: (ONLINE PROCESS)

  • Access to NVSP portal
  • Enter the voter ID number
  • Enter other details like name, date of birth, contact number, etc.
  • Enter Aadhaar number
  • An OTP will be generated to the given contact number
  • Enter the OTP for Aadhaar Authentication 
  • Received an acknowledgment number that is provided for checking the status of Aadhar linking.


  • EPIC number (Voter ID number)
  • Aadhaar Card Number
  • Registered Mobile Number
  • SMS will be sent to 166 or 51969

Therefore, the linkage of Aadhaar card number and Voter ID establish citizen identity and also avail the beneficiary government’s social security schemes. It also solves many financial issues within an instance with maintaining personal data securely. The Centre has considered making it compulsory of an Aadhaar card for Vehicle Registration and Driving License. This will facilitate an environment of safety and security throughout the country without creating any disturbances and channelizing social equality based on the identification of a citizen of India.

Jayasmita Kuanr
Jayasmita Kuanr, from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. After completing her master degree in English Literature, currently she is preparing for NTA- NET and PhD Entrance Examination. Aside from this she is also pursuing Visharad in Hindustani classical music from ABGMM, Navi Mumbai.


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