Kandla – First special economic zone in India

Kandla, built in the 1950s, is the central seaport serving the western part of India.


Kandla also known as the Kandla Port Trust or Maharao Khengarji Port Trust is a seaport in Kutch district of Gujarat, close to the city of Gandhidham. Situated on the Gulf of Kutch, it is one of significant ports on the west coast.

Kandla was built during the 1950s as the central seaport serving Western India. It is the first special economic zone (SEZ) in India, known as KASEZ.

What is SEZ?

Special economic zone or SEZ is an area in a country has separate economic regulations from the rest of the country. The SEZ regulations tend to be conducive to and attract foreign direct investment or FDI.

A brief on Kandla

The Port of Kandla is situated on the Gulf of Kutch on the northwestern bank of India, somewhere in the range of 256 nautical miles southeast of the Port of Karachi in Pakistan and more than 430 nautical miles north-northwest of the Port of Mumbai.

Kandla Port Trust, India’s busiest significant port as of late, is outfitting to include generous load taking care of limit with private division support. The west coast port took care of 72,225 million tons of load in 2008-09, over 11% more than the 64,920 million tons dealt with in 2007-08.

Traffic handling at Kandla

Picture courtesy: International Cargo Terminal (ICT)

Indeed, even as a lot of this development has originated from treatment of unrefined petroleum imports, for the most part for Essar Oil’s Vadinar processing plant in Gujarat, the port is likewise taking measures to help non-POL payload.

The port will before long start choosing designers for four clean payload compartments that together expect to deal with 8 million tons of freight. The four compartments will be upheld by a 14 m draft equipped for taking care of 75,000 dwt vessels. The port has just gotten an empowering reaction from imminent bidders, for the undertaking that is assessed to cost around Rs 5,000 million. In 2015-16 the port took care of 106 million tons of cargo.

Kandla Port was renamed as Maharao Khengarji Port under the India port demonstration of 1908.

There is as of now one holder terminal that is under private activity by ABG Heavy Industries Ltd. The port trust’s arrangements incorporate setting up a committed compartment terminal with two billets (No. 11 and No. 12 of the port) on BOT premise.

The Rs 3,300 million venture is relied upon to handle 0.6 million holders every year.

The perfect payload and holder billet structure is just a little piece of KPT’s development plans through private endeavor. Different angles incorporate berthing offices off Tekra (Tuna) that is required to help freight by 12 million tons, a seaward fluid terminal, bunkering offices and a boat fix and building yard.


Picture courtesy: JOC

Kandla Port is the biggest port of India as far as volume of load dealt with and this makes it the main motivation to visit the eminent seaport on your next excursion.

With the support of both open and private segment units, the port is continually outfitting to include significant stock. You will be delighted to realize that the west coast port took care of 72,225 million tons of load in 2008-09, which is 11 per cent more than the 64,920 million tons dealt with in 2007-08.

Kandla Port has indicated light development in load dealing within the ongoing past. In 2008-09, its all-out traffic developed by 13.6% to arrive at a record-breaking high of 72,225 million tons.

The port’s offer in rush hour gridlock took care of by every significant port has risen consistently throughout the years, topping at 13.6% in 2008-09. Prior projections made by the port demonstrate a yearly limit taking care of focus of 100 million tons for each annum by 2012.

Kandla is the principal export processing zone (EPZ) in India. Covering more than 310 hectares, the unique financial zone is only nine km from the Kandla port. Today, the Port of Kandla is India’s centre for sending out grains and bringing in oil and one of the most noteworthy gaining ports in the nation.

Significant imports entering the Port of Kandla are oil, synthetic concoctions, and iron and steel and iron hardware, however it likewise handles salt, materials, and grain. A town has experienced childhood with the port with a school and lodging and so forth.

Close by this, the Port Trust has additionally recorded down improvement systems joining:

  • The development of new berthing
  • Ensuing a superior domain obliging port framework
  • Better adjusting offices, well-prepared to take into account overall standardisations
  • Providing an exceptional conservation at this subjective port framework to the vessels on the way

Marine transportation

Picture courtesy: The Dollar Business

Appraised with an ISO-9001 normalisation, the port of Kandla has changed the standpoint of the Indian marine nearness. A serious extent of plausibility of marine transportation, both inside and outside the nation has had the option to be accomplished, as a result of the Kandla Port, which has thus pondered back the country’s general endeavors to be a piece of a portion of the profoundly evolved worldwide economies.

A trip to Kandla

Yes! You can visit Kandla. You can really get the chance to see all the activity on the port. Truly, with all the proper authorisations in your pocket, you can draw near to seeing mammoth estimated ships stopped at the port and immense water driven cranes taking out the holders. This makes Kandla, the first special economic zone in India, an amazing motivation to visit.

So, this India’s new Special Economic Zone. The set up of the new zone, Kandla, is a ray of hope for improving India’s economic status.

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