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TATA Steel’s Jyoti Fellowship Scholarship for SC/ST & Tribal Students

Independence day is celebrated on 15th of August every year in India .And for all the Indians, it is a memorable and highly important day.The reason is that India got freedom from the rule of the Britishers on this day.And another great date  for the Indians was  26 November 1950.On this date,the Constitution came into force.

The Constitution is the main force which has maintained peace inside the country throughout so many years.It gives the rules which are to be followed by every Indian without any violation. The Preamble is called ‘ The index of the Indian Constitution’.It gives the outline of the whole Constitution.It contains the set of frameworks on which the whole country rely upon.The Constitution speaks about culture,tradition,language etc. The Preamble speaks about the social,economic and political justice to all its citizens ,discarding all inequalities in terms of caste,creed ,colour,race etc.

It tells about the liberty of  thought ,expression,belief, faith and worship to all its citizens. It endeavours equality of status and opportunity and promote them all. The sadest  thing about this is that even after so many years of independence,equality could not be established between the upper class ,middle class and especially the lower class of the society. Till now ,the reservation system is continuing .And this is because of the fact that  the upper and middle  class people consider the lower class people as untouchables .In modern times,the word ‘untouchables ‘ has been replaced by SC/ST category of people.

The Preamble instructs the Constitution to abide by the Law and the Constitution commands the people to follow the rules and regulations. It is the Constitution that promises to  provide justice and equality to all irrespective of caste and creed variations.

But these words of the Constitution is just limited to itself only.It has not found any true relevance in today’s times.Today also, the lower class people are deprived of their rights ,although reservation system is prevailing. The nasty thoughts of the upper and middle class people have restricted their progress in terms of education, job and income.

The upper and middle class(or the general quota ) people demand their rights and say that they are not able to get enough opportunities due to the reservation provided to the SC/ST candidates.But they need to understand that the reservation policy has been provided to them because they were deprived of their rights.Really it is required to understand the fact that the reservation policy would not have been provided to the SC/ST caste of people if the barriers between the SC/ST caste and general caste would have been removed.

For the purpose of maintaining equality and providing justice,it is required that the people of India realise the importance of Constitution. And to make this possible,the people only need to change their minds and thoughts.The differences and disturbances need to be sorted out.The general caste people need to think that the SC/ST caste people are also humans.They also belong to the same world in which they are also staying with their families.They need to bridge down  the factors which has created differences between them.

But these are the steps to ‘be’taken by them whereas for the situation undergoing now in the society,some of the industrial hubs have come up with great programmes to support the SC/ST caste .

What is Jyoti Felloship?

One of the major  global steel manufacturers and suppliers ,’Tata steel’  arrived with a scholarship programme ‘Jyoti fellowship programme’ to help out the SC/ST and tribal students to complete their education. The procedure to apply for the scholarship is that the students have to undergo a common examination and whoever qualifies this exam,is eligible to get a fixed amount as the scholarship.Tata steel is one of the most diverse and advanced steel manufacturers in the world. Jyoti fellowship is a different kind of programme of Tata Steel which distributes scholarship to the tribal as well as SC/ST students from class 8 to post graduation. This scholarship is distributed at two levels: 1st level is for class 8 and the 2nd level is for graduation.Scholarship is also provided to the students studying post-graduation. Really this fellowship programme has endeavoured a new hope to the SC/ST students.

Jyoti fellowship has given the  hope to all the students who were deprived of the right to education.They faced such deprivation due to lack of money,resources and finance. But their problems were solved with the help of jyoti fellowship. It helped the students to have access to educational fields and become successful in their lives by the support of the Tata steel and its associated members.The scholarship is distributed in the regions of Keonjhar, Gopalpur,West Bokaro etc.

Really the help and support of  Tata steel has helped the students to find their ways towards  success.Success and failure are two faces of a coin.Achieving success in life is a different thing.But not even trying to achieve that is pessimistic.And converting these pessimists into optimists by providing them with education is the work of Jyoti fellowship.This great work has been recognized by all and appreciated too.Really the work done by Tata steel is highly appreciated by the people.And the pious blessings of the students and their parents have led Tata Steel to new heights of success.

The children who had not even thought of getting educated,they are able to continue their higher studies with the help of Jyoti fellowship.

This scholarship programme has enabled  thousands of students to be able to complete their studies .The students who could never dream about their future are now dreaming to become future doctors and engineers.

Tata Steel has made these students capable to achieve heights in their career and pass with flying colours. The Constitution has granted reservation to the lower castes but today also they are fighting to get their rights.They are not able to get uniform opportunities in their life.But due to the Tata steel jyoti  fellowship, they can even dare to think about their future and show the world that ultimately,talent is the optimum requirement.There is no need of  proper caste,creed ,colour or race to excel in life and build a strong and  prosperous future.The day is not too far when there will be no reservations, no casteism ,no differences among the people.

The upper class,middle class and lower class  people will live together happily,following the principles of brotherhood and humanity.

Baishnab Parida
Baishnab Parida is an engineering student, loves to read and write. He loves to spread smiles. His parents are his greatest strengths. He loves to be in a peaceful environment. Currently, he is pursuing Btech at VSSUT, Burla


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