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Is Blue Revolution successful in India?

India is a land of Agriculture. Blessed with a lot of rivers and surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, it is one of the highest consumers of fish and marine products. The fisheries sector gives a lot of employment opportunities and is one of the major contributors of revenue generation in the country.

India has been a great land for the sake of agriculture. India’s topographic conditions, appropriate climate, and presence of more than enough natural resources have made India a center of multiple agri-products.

The span of agriculture is much wider in India. The coffee, banana and coconut plantations in south India to the large spread of different dry fruits and fruits in Northern India, is the proof of India’s diverse plantation arenas. Nowadays people have started to follow many new techniques in the case of farming and agriculture.

The new amendments in the sector of agriculture can be seen with open eyes. Due to the Green Revolution, the agriculture sector has achieved a lot of advantages. New variety of seeds and use of fertilizers for farming has enabled the growth of better crops and thus the growth of Indian economy. In recent times, many young students are opting for agriculture as a mainstream subject. The scientists are researching on the topics related to agriculture. Indian Government is also opting for different measures to support the farmers. The farmers are able to gain profit by different policies of the government.

By the way, agriculture in today’s times has got many branches like apiculture, horticulture, aquaculture, etc. Apiculture is described as the cultivation of beehives and the collection of honey and beeswax. Honey has great nutritional value. And the bees also help in the pollination of many flowering plants. The bees are kept in a large area called apiary and they are managed and taken care of.

Horticulture is described as the cultivation of fruits and flowers in large gardens. This branch of agriculture has got many sub-branches: Arboriculture, Floriculture, Landscape farming, etc. And the branch, aquaculture is the cultivation of marine organisms in both freshwater and saltwater. It is the management of water resources for the growth of aquatic organisms. This branch of agriculture is also called aqua farming. Aquaculture is becoming much popular nowadays. The main reason behind its success obviously goes to the plans and programs adopted by the Blue Revolution. Blue Revolution is majorly a great initiative by the Central Government.

During the seventh five year plan (1985-1990), Dr. Hiralal Chaudhuri and Dr.Arun Krishnan launched the Blue Revolution under the Fish Farmers Development Agency(FFDA), which was sponsored by the Central government. The Blue Revolution is the main cause of such success of India in the marine markets all over the world. Indian economy found a new way out to increase its conditions. The condition of the fishermen also got better.

Some of the major effects of the Blue Revolution or Neel Kranti Mission are:

1. The Revolution brought many technical and mechanical amendments in the ways and policies of the fish markets and made the lives of fish farmers better.

2. It provided encouragement to aquaculture and help and support to the fishermen. The help of this Revolution changed their ways of living.

3. It modified the ways of marketing and changed the methods of doing business. It connected the fishermen directly with the markets.

4. The collaboration of these markets with the multinational companies yielded results. India could compete with the world in terms of aqua products.

5. Many new harbors and ports were established at Vishakhapatnam, Kochi, Kandla, Tuticorin, Porbandar, etc during this Revolution.

6. Many new research centers were opened where new and young scientists researched to find out how could the atmospheric conditions be improved which would support the growth of the aquatic organisms.

The FFDA(Fish Farmers Development Agency) brought new methods in fish breeding, fish rearing, and marketing. India holds the second position in the world in the marine business. The sole objective of the Blue Revolution is to intensify the Indian marine markets through the utilization of water resources. This Revolution has provided livelihood to the fishermen and fish farmers. They have got identities in this world. The various plans of the government under the Neel Kranti Mission aims at improving their style of living and changing their lives.

Pic Credit-National Fisheries Development Board

Undoubtedly the Blue Revolution has been a success since the day it started. This can be said because it has endeavoured a spirit of hope in the hearts and minds of the coastal villagers, who are majorly fishermen. They have been able to achieve a secure livelihood due to this Revolution. Really to be able to take India to such a great level was not easy but all this could be possible only with the help of this Mission or Revolution.

Surprisingly now- a -days, the fishermen are not scared because they feel much secured due to the policies of the government under this great and necessary venture of the Indian government…….The Blue Revolution.

The people of India are mostly into agriculture and its branches. Although all other branches are highly important, the role of aquaculture in making India’s self-potent also cannot be ignored. The utilization of natural resources like water has enabled India to think about the effects, causes, and side effects of this Revolution. But the social life of an ignored community of India, the fishermen community has been changed in miscellaneous ways. They were included in the backward section of society, but due to the Blue Revolution, they have also been able to achieve high recognition and large accolades. The best thing is that they are now able to think about the country’s future because they feel secured now.

Baishnab Parida
Baishnab Parida is an engineering student, loves to read and write. He loves to spread smiles. His parents are his greatest strengths. He loves to be in a peaceful environment. Currently, he is pursuing Btech at VSSUT, Burla


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