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Know the what’s and why’s of the International Tiger Day 2021

The International tiger Day 2021 is celebrated to increase awareness regarding the conservation of tiger reserves and to curb hunting down the man eater only to satiate one’s adrenaline rush.

International Tiger Day 2021, observed on July 29 is also known as the World Tiger Day. It was initiated in 2010 in view of the declining numbers of tigers across the length and breadth of the globe.

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International Tiger Day 2021

This day was first observed at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, Russia where as many as 13 countries in possession of tiger reserves had shared their presence. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the number of tigers would have been around 100,000 in the initial segment of the 20th century but the numbers today amount to a gloomy and dejected 3,900, which is the collective statistics from all over the world.

Thus, this day of July 29 is celebrated to imbibe the sense and awareness pertaining to conservation of tiger reserves and to hurdle the encouragement relating to the sport of hunting down the man eater only to satiate one’s adrenaline rush.

International Tiger Day 2021: Why should we be worried at all?

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi.

However, this is just a moral stand point and a view that supports the idea of all species sharing maternal ties for having been nourished by the mother nature. But this huge animal in yellow and black stripes with humongous physique and a ferocious attitude is endangered and is on the verge of extinction. It is struggling against the causes and combating all the hurdles to square its position off at the top of the ecological ladder of the jungle. The destined food chain is losing its balance with this carnivorous majesty running down the slope of decline in terms of fortifying its reminiscent existence.

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The prime causes why we have failed the leader of the jungle:

  • Poaching and hunting
  • Lack of awareness
  • Improper maintenance both in zoos and tiger reserves
  • Failed execution of plans and programmes
  • Diseases and neglected veterinary facilities.

What is in our hands?

The significance and theme of this International Tiger Day of 2021 is that “Their future is in our hands.” The pandemic and other causes that have been lingering since centuries have led to consequences that are haunting and will ultimately hunt down the human civilization once nature takes to its fury. But the question is what can we as mere commoners do or the government as a whole can function in this light.

  • Stringent rules against hunting of wild animals.
  • Maintenance of tiger reserves.
  • Creating an amiable environment for the wildlife to survive.
  • Enhancement in the number of jungle corridors.
  • Safeguarding the species as well as their home that is the forest.

Here is what was tweeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the eve of International Tiger Day, 2021:

“On #InternationalTigerDay, greetings to wildlife lovers, especially those who are passionate about tiger conservation. Home to over 70% of the tiger population globally, we reiterate out commitment to ensuring safe habitats for our tigers and nurturing tiger-friendly eco-systems.”

On the eve of the World Tiger Day here is a poem by Leslie Norris which sympathizes with the big cats of the forest. The poem is titled Tiger in the zoo.

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Tiger in the zoo

He stalks in his vivid stripes                 
The few steps of his cage,
On pads of velvet quiet,
In his quiet rage.

He should be lurking in shadow,
Sliding through long grass
Near the water hole                                         
Where plump deer pass.

He should be snarling around houses
At the jungle’s edge,                                        
Baring his white fangs, his claws,
Terrorising the village!

But he’s locked in a concrete cell,
His strength behind bars,
Stalking the length of his cage,
Ignoring visitors.

He hears the last voice at night,
The patrolling cars,
And stares with his brilliant eyes                       
At the brilliant stars.

Written by: Shubham Kumar Nath


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