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International Day of Friendship 2021: Day for those special buddies

International Day of Friendship 2021 is celebrated on July 30 to celebrate the one thing that carries a person throughout their life. May it be the first day of playschool or your birthday day in an old age home, all of the fun multiplies in leaps and bounds when you have friends around. In India, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August.

July 30, 2021: It’s International Day of Friendship 2021, the day to cherish and bond with love. The childhood friendship band might later be replaced by a house party with your best pals but the spirit of friendship never changes. It always is about the care you have and the naughty laughter you’ll share as your teeth fall out with age.

Even though the International Day of Friendship falls on July 30, different countries celebrate this day on different dates.

In India, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, whereas in Oberlin, Ohio Friendship Day is celebrated on April 8 every year.

International Day of Friendship 2021: History

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The idea of Friendship Day was first introduced by the founder of Hallmark cards, Joyce Hall, in 1920. The day was celebrated by exchanging greeting cards, but it was in 1958 that Dr Ramon Artemio Bracho coined the term ‘Friendship Day’ and started a foundation called The World Friendship Crusade.

The World Friendship Crusade tried for many years to persuade the United Nations to recognise July 30 as World Friendship Day and finally in 2011, the General Assembly of the UN declared July 30 as the International Day of Friendship.

The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.

The resolution places emphasis on involving young people, as future leaders, in community activities that include different cultures and promote international understanding and respect for diversity.

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UN proclaimed the International Day of Friendship to promote peace

To mark the International Day of Friendship the UN encourages governments, international organisations and civil society groups to hold events, activities and initiatives that contribute to the efforts of the international community towards promoting a dialogue among civilizations, solidarity, mutual understanding and reconciliation.

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The International Day of Friendship is an initiative that follows on the proposal made by UNESCO defining the Culture of Peace as a set of values, attitudes and behaviours that reject violence and endeavour to prevent conflicts by addressing their root causes with a view to solving problems. It was then adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1997.


International Day of Friendship 2021: Significance

This day is significant because it recognises the powerful tie of friendship that exists between two or more individuals regardless of caste, creed, or colour. It is a day that ignites enthusiasm for a better world in which everyone works together for the greater good, and it is a day that brings together individuals who are working for a better world in which everyone works together for the greater good.

Friendship day traditions to celebrate the day 

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Friendship is all about amity and peace with the celebration of a special bond of friendship. While you can always begin a new tradition with your best pals on the day, here are some tips to make your day a big hit:

  1. Share a photo collage of you and your friend on social media.
  2. Share a meal with your friend.
  3. Cheers your friend with some champagne.
  4. Take a trip with your friend.
  5. Tell your friend how much you appreciate them.

By: Aankur Pradhan


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