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National Intern Day 2021: What our interns feel about their experience at Utkal Today

Created by WayUp, National Intern Day 2021 is celebrated on July 29, dedicated to recognise and celebrate the future leaders of the world, interns!

July 29, 2021: National Intern Day 2021 is a holiday on July 29, created by WayUp that’s dedicated to recognise and celebrate the future leaders of the world: interns! WayUp launched the holiday back in 2017 to help bring attention to the challenges and inequalities that entry-level candidates face in the workforce.

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National Intern Day 2021: What is an internship?

An internship refers to a short-term work experience provided to young individuals, usually students from schools and colleges, that along with bringing an extra credit to a future resume, provide them with a guarded work environment experience.

The arrangement provides them with a real opportunity to become world leaders in the coming years, making them adept in decision making, planning, organising, time allotment, researching, thus making them sharper on the overalls.

Initially limited only to the medical students, however in the present millennial gen, it has spread across boundaries and made a mark in industry, fashion, business, journalism and many such arenas.


Why are internships important before you actually start off with your career?

Internship has become a prerequisite for the job market now but besides, any internship gives you a basic raw experience about the work.

People learn to gradually be responsible for their work and acquire necessary skillset for the industry as well. Internship teaches you integrity, value of hard work and crafts you as a humble person.

It’s the head start you need, the push that places you in the already accelerated and demanding jobs out there.

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What our interns feel about their experience at Utkal Today on National Intern Day 2021


A great learning experience: Aankur Pradhan

“With Utkal Today, it has been a long ride of over a year now and the work dynamic has changed for better over the course of time. It has been a great learning experience working with so many varied people. Their working style has been amazing and I personally find it insightful. The staff is cooperative and understanding and as a start up the firm has a long way to but that doesn’t belittle the convincing start that they have.”


We have been trained to throw the negative out the window: Arpita Patro

“It definitely seems like a farewell, but I sincerely don’t want it to be one! That pretty much sums it up. As a novel apprentice at Utkal Today, I had absolutely no idea about the basics of Journalism, the format of presenting a news article, the consumer appealing tactics of how to make it most palatable, entertaining and keep it real at the same time! I have had experience in writing articles before, but that was not this holistic and precise in nature, which set in under the guidance of Arthita Dutta, our Intern manager, instructor and teacher. She truly keeps her word and has become not just a mentor but a friend who looks at my work without biases, listens to my concerns, corrects me unabashedly yet kindly and thus boosts me to reach out to perfection.
With each article that’s published under my name, I get a wholesome view of the errors that I must make do, the called for additions that I omitted and also of the things I did right! It’s like a humbling pat on the back, you can say!
The work atmosphere around here and the constant personal growth graph makes you feel worthy and groomed for the best!
As the bio of the news website claims to offer “fresh, positive and inspiring news”, we have been trained in similar fashion to throw the negative out the window. Even if it’s a news that fails humanity, it ought to carry an optimistic approach alongside the presentation of facts. Its a simple manoeuvre that goes a long way in establishing the long forsaken trust of man on mankind, and I’m highly obliged to Utkal Today for tutoring me thus.”


Namasya Nandini Swain on her experience with Utkal Today on National Intern Day 2021

“Interns form a necessary and important part of any organisation. Interns represent the budding stages of employees, and internship ensures how well an employee is trained. On Intern Day 2021, I’d like to share some experiences of interning with Utkal Today.

It was the first digital internship I came across and it was recommended by my English teacher. Since I respect and admire him a lot, I chose to try out this internship. I wanted to further polish my writing skills and it has been a good thing. It turned out well. And after completing my internship here, I started working as an employee as well.

During my period of working here, I’ve learnt lots of things. And those include expressing yourself truthfully in addition to the writing styles and content creation. Consistently working on yourself always brings you good results. And while working with Utkal Today, I understood the same. It taught me how to be open to opportunities and make use of them as much as possible. Internships are important in everyone’s career, and getting the right ones is even more important. So, choosing your internships well, and working on improving your skills definitely takes you a long way.”


A trip to sanity without giving up the world: Shubham Kumar Nath

“Skills have transformed to be far more significant than mere knowledge. Internship is the field which will permit you to commit errors, and aids you to employ your qualifications, education and skills set into action that is of some real consequence.

My content writing with Utkal Today unleashed for me numerous doors to experiment with my passion for writing. A variety of tags to deal with this procured me with the reason to enlarge my psychic abilities and push my boundaries to learn, unlearn and execute. Internships are always like a free trial before crossing the entrance to a proper authorized official set up. Being an intern gives you the freedom yet a bounding to stick by the responsibilities and duty you are delegated with.

Experiences can never be witnessed within the limitations of words and no literary device can express the journey of polishing one’s skill sets and having an overview of the real working world.

To me it has been a trip to sanity without giving up the world.”


Sugyani Mohapatra on internship and National Intern Day 2021

“I am an undergrad student. Utkal Today provided me with my first internship. I wanted to do some internships because I was bored with my free time and wanted to do something effective, so I found this position through one of my close friends and spoke with the employer. And guess what? I was chosen.

At first, I was both terrified and perplexed. But, with time, I grew accustomed to functioning as a content writer. At first, I was unsure whether taking up an internship at this critical juncture in my academic career would have any impact on my studies. However, I obtained my answer on my own because it improved my talents while also boosting my writing timing.

One thing I’d like to recommend to any students who want to do something useful during their academic career; internships are a great way to do it. Internships enable us to shape our abilities and affirmations in a truly positive way. It grants you experience while also allowing you to learn new things.”

Utkal Today is proud of their interns and we wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.


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