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20 unique Indian wedding gift ideas

Indian wedding gift ideas are special and everything needs to be pre-planned to have an organised ceremony. Just like the preparations done by bride and groom's side, it is the guest's love that reflect through the gifts…

Indian wedding gift ideas are a great way to congratulate newlyweds and share your happiness with them as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

Talking about Indian wedding gift ideas, it is an occasion that creates a strong bond between the families and not only between the bride and groom. The ceremony of getting married is considered auspicious. And for such a special occasion, gifting something really special is worth it.

Giving someone the best Indian wedding gift ideas is not an easy task. It really stresses us to find that perfect gift. Some of us want our gifts to be unique, while some of us want it to be a useful and memorable one.

And there is a wide variety of gifting options available to choose from.

Utkal Today brings some brilliant Indian wedding gift ideas to your list so that we all can gift these to a couple getting married.

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1. Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are a smart choice to gift someone. They are extremely useful and will also delight the person whom you are gifting it, since they can be used for buying anything of their choice. Many shops and e-commerce sites like Amazon are coming up with their own gift vouchers. Even if you are not in a position to attend a wedding, you can directly deliver the gift vouchers to them.

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2. Personalised wedding gifts

Personalised wedding gifts are perfect to help remember the special occasion. Personalised gifts have opened doors to a wide variety of options to gift. They have become the perfect gift for any occasion. When you gift a person something that touches their heart, it becomes more than a piece of art. It emphasises the bond that you share and shows how much you care for that person.

There are many personalised gifts to choose from – photo frames, greeting cards, mugs and sippers, cushion covers, mobile and laptop skins, engraved pens and pendrives, etc. You can even personalise and give a caricature of the bride and the groom which they can cherish forever.

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3. Honeymoon packages

If you are a person who doesn’t like to gift something that is not of much use to the person, then this gifting option will be great for you. There are many companies that offer honeymoon packages. You can gift a perfect honeymoon trip to the newlyweds and I’m sure they are never going to forget you for the rest of their life.

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4. A romantic dinner

If you are a person who doesn’t like to spend much on gifts, yet give something meaningful, then a romantic dinner or a lunch buffet to the newlyweds would be great. These wouldn’t cost you much and it can be a memorable one as well.

There are many hotels and restaurants that provide beachside dining, poolside dining, or a candlelight dinner. You can directly book a table for the newlyweds and gift it to them as a surprise. This would also be a good chance for the couple to get along with each other and spend some quality time after the hectic wedding ceremony.

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5. God idols

Being an Indian, we know how much we believe in god. Our core values are filled with the teaching to worship god and we strongly believe in the positive energy that prayers bring into our lives.

Also, as we considered weddings an auspicious occasion, where two souls meet and become one, giving god idols is a perfect idea. It is an indication to project that their relationship is blessed by the god and everything positive will occur in their lives. The religion or sect doesn’t matter, give them the idol as per their belief.

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6. Cash is the one of the best Indian wedding gift ideas

If you want to go easy on the gift and can’t really decide what the couple will like, then you can shower your blessings by giving cash. The amount of cash depends on your choice. Also, giving cash will help them as financial support and they can save it for their future expenses.

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7. A hand-drawn picture of the couple

What’s better than taking out time from your busy schedule, flaunting your expertise, and doing hard work just to have that pretty smile on the couple’s faces. If you are good at drawing, then this is the most-precious gift that you can give someone.

We always respect the efforts more than the amount of money spent on the gift. If you dedicatedly make something for the couple, especially their own picture they can even frame it later, then it would be just perfect to gift on the wedding day.

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8. Personalised bedsheet

The truth is after that lavish day of the wedding everyone goes home and things get normal. So, why don’t you gift the couple a personalised bedsheet that they can spread on their bed and feel special? You can get the couple’s pictures printed on the bedsheet and pillow covers which will add that special touch to the gift.

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9. A basket full of love

On the wedding day, give the couple a basket of love in which you can manually add different things that the couple loves. Some things that would fit to be in the basket are luxurious chocolates, rare flowers, and an expensive jewelry piece and other things as per your and the couple’s choice.

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10. A box full of personalised gifts for the perfect photoshoot

Personalized gifts are a total rage nowadays, which is why I would personally suggest you give a box that is filled with personalised gifts that will help the couple to get that perfect post-wedding shoot pictures.

Keep personalised t-shirts with the pictures of the couple, personalised keyrings with their name initials, personalised pens, hand bands, and much more that you would like to gift. This is one of the most-special gifts that every couple would love to receive as it has all that personal touch that they can reuse every time they want.

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11. Wooden wine box

Nothing makes a better wedding gift idea for such times than a good old wooden wine box, with wine and glasses included. You can even customize this box by adding a message and the name of the couple on the exterior of the box.

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12. Digital photo frame

Even marriage gifts have entered the digital era and digital photo frame photography is a perfect wedding gift idea to complement that fact. Remember to choose a digital photo frame that has a large storage capacity and the capability of playing slideshows.

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13. Couple perfume set

It is the fragrance of love that brings two souls closer together. Epitomise this with a wedding gift by presenting a pair of exquisite perfumes with a bottle each for him and her.

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14. Handmade keys hanger

It is among the most utilitarian gifts for weddings with a variety of available design variations. To make your gift stand out, go for the one which has a unique shape and is made from premium materials like solid brass or exotic wood.

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15. A matching pair of watches

This is a timeless wedding gift that you can always count on to make the best impression. There are a number of big brands that offer a couple watch sets.

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16. Laughing Buddha

Give them the gift that could bring lots of happiness and luck. This laughing Buddha could be a sign that you are truly happy that they are getting married and you truly wish for their well-being!

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17. The good-luck Chinese bamboo

Just like the laughing Buddha, this Chinese bamboo could be a reason for their life to be joyful and merry! Wish them a happy married life with the good luck Chinese bamboo and show them that you actually wish for their marriage to be successful.

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18. Home decor

They are going to start a new chapter in life and let them start it with little objects of delight. Gift them home decor items which are fancy and at the same time could be a nice part of their new chapter and their new home. Let them remember you for the gift you gave them.

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19. A rejuvenation kit

Give them the things that they would need the most, a rejuvenation kit. After the wedding is done, the next time that they would require is a rejuvenating kit which will help them soothe and relax.

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20. A wedding hamper

Present them a wedding hamper. This could be a little tricky as to which is to be bought, but what you can do instead is that you can make one wedding hamper. You can make a personalised wedding hamper by adding all the things of your choice which you think could be helpful.

There generally isn’t a category of which kind of gift is the perfect one or which ones aren’t. But the thing that definitely matters is the deed with which we present the gift. Once you have good deeds, our gift also turns out to be the most perfect.

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