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Indian Desserts – 10 best delicacies for the sweet tooth cravings

India has always been held in high regard when it comes to serving the pallets of a vast population and its diversification of tastes preferences. Sweets and desserts have always been an integral part of Indian cuisine. There’s a wide variety of Indian desserts to choose from, made from all kinds of ingredients, like condensed milk, nuts, fruits, flour, and more.

Many of these desserts originated in ancient India, though a lot were introduced to the country by the Mughals who came from Persia, and later European colonialists.

Here is a list of some of the mouth-watering desserts available just around us:

Gulab Jamun

It is one of the most favourite desserts for the Indian. It is also easily accessible in any nearby sweet shop. This popular Indian sweet is made with khoya. It is then shaped into balls and deep fried. These yummy dripping gulab jamuns are then dipped in sugar syrup. They are then garnished with nuts and served warm. To enhance the taste of these tasty sweet balls may also be flavoured with saffron and rose water.


Yet another mouth-watering dessert to serve the sugar worm in you is jalebi. It is a well-known deep-fried sweet dish. Before being served on your plate it is made by deep-frying batter in coil-like shapes, and then soaking it in a sugary syrup. Jalebis are said to be a dish from all the way back to the 15th century and are meant to be crispy on the outside and deliciously chewy on the inside.


Coming from the vibrant state of Maharashtra, it is a teardrop-shaped dumpling. With its significance seen in many hindu festivals, it is made of rice flour and khoya. It is inside loaded with coconut and jaggery and can be prepared by either steaming it or frying it. Modaks are served and eaten hot with loads of ghee to cherish. They are especially popular during the Ganesh festival each August.


Neyyapam are famous dessert mostly in the Syrian Christian community. They are made from a batter of rice flour, jaggery, fried coconut, cardamom, ghee, and milk. The mixture is then deep fried. Another version of this is the unniappam, which is a comparatively smaller product and can also have banana and jackfruit in the batter.

Gajar Ka Halwa

One of the most favourite delicacies to savour during the chilly winters in many parts of India is Gajjar Ka Halwa, or carrot halwa. It is a dessert made from grated carrots, milk, sugar, ghee and cardamom. It is further garnished with dry fruits and nuts. The dish mainly became popular during the Mughal period.


Laddus find their special place in almost all festivals of India. There are many different varieties of laddus that can be made with a variety of ingredients, such as coconut and besan. With the experimenting with food still on, various other flavors are also being added to the list. However, a popular choice among remains the motichoor laddus, which are made from little balls of flour that are cooked in ghee.


The dairy-based ingredients are always a popular pick for dessert making. There are many milk-based Indian desserts, one such being kheer also known as payasam in the south. It can be counted as one of the most demanded milk-based desserts. It is made by boiling a mixture of milk, sugar, and rice. To enhance the taste it is then garnished with a variety of ingredients like saffron, cardamom, dry fruits, and nuts.


Pic Credits – asli_nimbu_paani (Sheetal Samantaray)

Yet another dairy-based dessert id rasgulla. Although the place of origin is not very clear and there has been a long-running debate over which of two Indian states, West Bengal or Odisha, invented the rasgulla. This delicious dessert is made from chenna also known as cheese curd. Chenna is kneaded into a ball and cooked in sweet sugar syrup.


Mostly enjoyed in the state of Goa, bebinca is an Indo-Portuguese pudding it is made with seven layers made from flour, sugar, ghee, egg yolks, and coconut milk. It is mostly eating at Christmas. To enhance the taste of the delicacy a scoop of ice cream is added. This dessert is also known as the ‘Queen of Goan Desserts’.


Ghevar is a disc-shaped sweet. It is mainly made of flour, ghee, and milk, and soaked in sugar syrup. It possesses a honeycomb texture and is garnished with nuts such as almonds, pistachios, and saffron. Ghevar comes from the state of Rajasthan, and there are many varieties of the dessert available, namely the Malai Ghevar or the Mava Ghevar.

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