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India Innovation Index 2020 Report released

NITI Aayog releases the 2nd edition of India Innovation Index 2020. NITI Aayog with the Institute for Competitiveness was involved. Mostly, Southern states were on top.

January, 25, 2021: NITI Aayog on January 20 released the second edition of the India Innovation Index 2020.

 The index denotes the government’s continued allegiance towards transforming the country into an innovation-driven economy. 

The index has been developed on the lines of the Global Innovation Index (GII), to ameliorate the innovation ecosystem of Indian states and Union Territories (UTs) and to design policies to drive innovation across regions.

 While releasing the India Innovation Index 2020 in New Delhi, Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog, Rajiv Kumar, said, the index illustrates that India is on the right path and the states are endeavouring to improve their innovative ecosystem.

He said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi always emphasizes innovation and technological frontiers as these can solve the challenges and fulfill the aspiration of people.

He urged on the need to improve the coordination mechanism between the various science and technology institutions of government and the private sector. He also asked to bring the India Innovation Index in sync with the Global innovation index’s parameters.

Speaking at the event, Chief Executive Officer of NITI Aayog, Amitabh Kant, said that innovation will play a key role in making the country self-reliant and heading towards the five trillion dollar economy. He said the innovation index will increase the competitive federalism among the states and Union territories.

 India Innovation Index 2020

In the India Innovation Index 2020, the states and union territories have been divided into 17 major states, 10 northeast and hill states, and nine Union territories and small states for effectively comparing their performance.

3Tamil Nadu37.91
7Andhra Pradesh24.19
9Uttar Pradesh22.85


Top states:-

Karnataka topped with a score of 42.5 for the second year running. 

            ~ The state’s success has been attributed to a high number of venture capital deals,  registered GIs and ICT exports,  and high FDI inflow.

            ~ Four southern states – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Kerala —occupy the top positions on the index, apart from Maharashtra which ranked second.

            Bottom States

            Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and

            Bihar scored the lowest on the

            index, which put them at the  

            The bottom in the “major States”


                        ~ Bihar ranked last with 14.5


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Himachal Pradesh topped the rankings of the hill and North-East states, followed by Uttarakhand, Manipur, and Sikkim.


Delhi has scored the highest on the index in the country with a score of 46.6, while Lakshadweep has the lowest score at 11.7. 

            ~ Delhi recorded the highest

            number of trademark and

       patent applications, along

            with the establishment of

            new start-ups and

            companies in the last  

            financial year.

The index goes beyond traditional approaches by considering the best parameters in measuring innovation such as patents per million of population, publication in scientific journals, percentage of GDP spending on research. It also adds parameters that are specific to the Indian economy (eg. demographic dividend), to give it a more holistic coverage.

The indicators that the survey uses include the level and quality of education and parameters such as:-

●       The number of Ph.D. students and knowledge-intensive employment.

●       Enrolment in engineering and technology and the number of highly skilled professionals.

●       Investment in R&D and number of patents and trademark applications filed.

●       Internet subscribers.

●       FDI inflows, business environment, and safety and legal environment.

Hence, increased spending on research and development with greater collaboration between the industry and educational institutions may help to enhance innovation capability.

It could broaden and improve the capability of top rung educational institutions in the country to produce greater innovation outputs. The establishment of a collaborative platform will help to strengthen the industry-academia linkages and will ease the process of technology transfer by providing a platform for innovators to showcase their inventions.

In conclusion, the India Innovation Index aims to create an extensive framework for the continual evaluation of India’s innovation environment. The index aims to rank states and UTs based on their scores, recognize opportunities and challenges, and assist in tailoring government policies to foster innovation.

Written by: Sugyani Mohapatra


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