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Celebrating festival of colours, Holi, and reminiscing childhood memories

Everyone has a lot of memories associated with Holi, colours fun and frolic. On Holi, we will be celebrating Holi and reminiscing childhood memories

New Delhi, March 27: The most loved Hindu festival of colours, celebrated all across the world, Holi brings with itself a rainbow, to light up our dull and monotonous lives. Popularly known as the festival of love, festival of colours, and festival of spring, it is mostly called the Basanta Utsav. Holi, like many other Hindu festivals signifies the triumph of good over evil. With Holi, everyone has a lot of memories associated. On Holi, we will be celebrating Holi and reminiscing childhood memories. Let’s go back to those colour-filled days when life was simpler and days without Covid-19.

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Holi and reminiscing childhood memories

On Holi, we will be celebrating Holi and reminiscing childhood memories. The night before Holi is called Holika Dahan or Choti Holi, where people gather together and make offerings to the bonfires, while praying for goodness and prosperity. And on the day of Holi, people celebrate with each other by splashing coloured water, water balloons, colored dyes and powders, eating an array of special sweets, gujiya, drinking bhang with late night parties, water pool parties, dancing, singing and other melodious celebrations.

Holi and reminiscing childhood memories

Everyone has memories associated with Holi. On Holi, we will be celebrating Holi and reminiscing childhood memories. Below are some of the most common yet precious memories of our Holi celebrations in our young days, which we all cherish till date.

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  • With the air filled with the tantalizing fragrance of gulals (coloured dyes and powders).
  • Going around shopping for colours, water balloons and pichkaris (water guns) with our parents and family.
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  • Holi stalls stuffed with massive gift hampers, greeting cards, chocolates and colour balloons.
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  • Hiding while preparing to attack with coloured water balloons and guns from staircases, roof tops and balconies.
  • Getting up early to prepare for the Holi war and being attacked with the water balloons which would hurt when hit on the skin.
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  • Savoring delightful recipes, sweets, and drinks was a must.
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  • Mouth-watering handmade delicacies of gujiya, paan, bhang, and lassi.
  • Exchanging food items and sweet dishes among families, neighbors, friends and relatives.
  • Throwing colors and water-filled balloons on anyone and getting away with it by saying the signature dialogue, “Bura na Maano Holi Hai”.
  • Teaming up with your friends and ganging up together against other groups, while launching a full-fledged Holi war.
  • With ever growing and newly launched Bollywood Holi songs with regional party songs, Holi turned into a melodious affair.
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  • Even Eggs and tomatoes were not spared and used as colours when the actual colours ran out.
  • Bathing again and again after being draped up with fresh colours was the loveliest fun.
  • Applying plenty of oil before playing Holi, on our hair, nails and body to avoid getting lasting colour stains.
  • Using chemical colors to literally paint each other up with blues, red, green and orange hues.
  • Wearing the torn and oldest of clothes to avoid getting colour marks on new ones.

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  • Falling into a deep and the most peaceful sleep ever, after playing all throughout the day with colors and waters.
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  • Going to school and working in our homes and offices with our coloured faces, which made us look absolutely funny.
  • Lingering lost Holi celebrations which went for almost a week or two after Holi had passed.

Holi signifies blossom, onset of spring and summers, goodness, prosperity, love, healthy and healed relationships, end of winter, and of course a good harvest season. This Holi, cherish and reminisce the nostalgic childhood memories of your Holi celebrations, while making new ones, yet again with all your loved ones.

By Namasya Nandini Swain


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