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Healthy food alternatives for the festive season

Celebrate the festivities and indulge without the guilt with healthy food alternatives.

September 28, 2021 (IANSlife): India is a land of different cultures and traditions where festivals play an important role in bringing people closer. The contagious festive spirit witnesses a surge of a different level as soon as the month of October and November approach and the incredible diversity of the country can be seen in the wide array of religious and cultural festivals, celebrated differently all across the nation. However, amid all the fun and enjoyment, festivals are also the time when people overindulge in different delicacies which can lead to weight gain and other issues. Thankfully, there are plenty of healthy food alternatives which can help your maintain your health goals.

Sushma P S, Chief Dietician – Jindal Naturecure Institute, Bengaluru shares few easy recipes to keep in mind for some Healthy food alternatives:

Healthy food alternatives



(Photo:  protrain_/Instagram)

1 serving = 80Kcal = 1 person


  • Sattu powder (Barley Powder: Roasted
  • Kala Channa Powder; 1:2): 200gms
  • Organic Jaggery: 150gms
  • Elaichi Powder: 1tsp
  • Refined Sunflower Oil: 60ml
  • Seasame seed Roasted: 1tbsp


  • Heat the pan and add Sattu powder.
  • Roast till it’s brown.
  • When it is done, add organic jaggery to the Sattu mixture along with Elaichi powder and oil for binding.
  • Make the mixture into round shapes and coat them with sesame seeds.

SPROUTS DAHI VADA: One of the best Healthy food alternatives

1 serving = 120Kcal = 2 persons


  • Moong/ mixed sprouts: 100gms
  • Onion : 1 chopped
  • Coriander leaves: few chopped
  • Chilli powder: ½ tsp
  • Dhania powder: ½ tsp
  • Salt: to taste
  • Chutney
  • Tamarind and dates chutney; green coriander chutney

For Dahi Vada:

  • Thick curd: 1cup
  • Urad dhal: 100gms
  • Salt: 1 pinch


For Dahi Vada:

  • Soak urad dal and grind it to a fine paste.
  • Make the batter into small vadas.
  • Steam the vada stuffed with sprouts.
  • Dip this steamed vadas in curd and garnish with the above ingredients and chutney.

CHATPATI CHUTNEY: Taste and health combined in healthy food alternatives



Image:  sheelashomekitchen/Instagarm


  • Green capsicum- 2 nos
  • Onion (chopped) – 1 nos
  • Ginger -2 tsp
  • Tamarind-50 gm
  • Salt & Green chilli – to taste


  • Steam capsicum, onion, ginger, tamarind juice.
  • Then add the other ingredients to it.
  • Grind them together into a fine paste.


1 serving = 90Kcal = 1 person


  • Wheat flour: 100gms
  • Besan: 50gms
  • Methi & Palak leaves: 150gms
  • Tomato: 20gms
  • Green chillies: 1 no
  • Onion: 2 nos
  • Garlic: 4 cloves


Mix all the ingredients and make them into small pancakes.



1 serving = 100gm = 95Kcal


  • Oats: 200g
  • Flax seeds powder: 10gms
  • Sunflower seeds powder: 10gms
  • Salt and pepper: to taste
  • Sesame Seeds (white): ½tsp
  • Water -1/2 litre


  • Cook the oats with the ingredients in water for 20 minutes and serve.


1 serving = 120Kcal = 1 person


  • Whole wheat flour: 2cups
  • Cinnamon powder: ½ tsp
  • Jaggery: ½ cup
  • Chopped apple: 1cup
  • Nuts chopped: ¼ cup


  • Mix all the above ingredients and bake at 175°c for 45 minutes.

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1 serving = 145Kcal = 100 ml


  • Barley: 50 gm
  • Spring onion: 2 nos
  • Salt & Pepper: to taste
  • Vegetable Stock: ½ litre
  • Chopped Vegetables: 50 gm


  • Soak the barley for more than four hours.
  • Cook the barley and make it into a paste.
  • Add stock spring onion.
  • Add salt & pepper and boil again.
  • Add chopped vegetables and serve hot


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