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Guru Purnima 2021: Significance, culture and special food of this gracious festival

Guru Purnima marks the festival of gratitude and thanking the teachers who light up our life. This festival is celebrated all throughout the nation to commemorate the contribution of every teacher in our life paths. Guru Purnima 2021 falls on Saturday, July 24.

July 23, 2021: Guru Purnima 2021 is an auspicious Hindu festival, which is celebrated sincerely to thank our teachers in life. This day is dedicated to our precious teachers. Guru Purnima falls on the Shukla paksha tithi, that is the Bright lunar fortnight Full Moon of the Ashada month in the Hindu calendar. And it holds a great significance in each of our lives.

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Significance of Guru Purnima 2021

Thanking our teachers and remembering their valuable contribution to make our lives better marks itself as one of the major significances of Guru Purnima. This traditional occasion is dedicated to all our teachers, mentors and guides who have helped us with our lives. Our teachers or guru, serve us without any expectations. And they help and guide us unconditionally.

This auspicious day marks the birth ceremony of sage Veda Vyasa who has written the epic Mahabharat. He has compiled several other Vedas of Hinduism. Hence, Guru Purnima is also called as Vyasa Purnima. Guru Purnima marks the importance of teachers and also the special bond which is shared between both a teacher and a student. This day also commemorates the first ever sermon delivered by Lord Gautam Buddha, to his first five disciples in the Sarnath region of Uttar Pradesh.

An integral part of Hindu culture

Guru Purnima is celebrated majorly in countries like Nepal, Bhutan and India. People who follow the religions of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism as well, celebrate this festival.

Guru Purnima falls on the Purnima (full moon day) in the Ashadha month (Hindu month of June–July of the Hindu calendar). Since this day revolves solely around the teachers and guides of our life, it is celebrated by visiting our teachers and worshipping them. This ritual of worshipping one’s Guru is known as Guru Puja popularly. It is celebrated each year on the day of Ashadha Purnima.

Interestingly, the word Guru holds a very special meaning. The term “Gu” in Guru represents the darkness in one’s life and the term “Ru” represents the removal of darkness from one’s life. Hence, the name Guru, meaning the one who removes all the darkness of life through his light of knowledge and wisdom. Every person celebrates this day by worshipping and offering his or her sincere prayers to their Guru. And lastly seeking their blessings all throughout their lives.

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Special traditional food dishes associated with Guru Purnima 2021

Since Guru Purnima is a very pious and auspicious festival of Hindus, this day marks the consumption of pure food items. Most people hold a fast during this day and consume fruits after breaking their fast. However, many people do not hold a fast but they consume special traditional dishes. The food items or pakwaan which are commonly eaten include delicious kheer (a sweet dish made of sugar, milk and rice), halwa (a dessert made of sooji and dried fruits and nuts), luchi or puri (fried Indian dough), and khichdi (a dish made of rice, pulses and veggies) as well.

Written by: Namasya Nandini Swain


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