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Want to gain some weight? – Here are some amazing simple food that helps you gain and maintain a healthy weight

To do so one needs to maintain a healthy diet. While one should never devoid one’s body of any essential nutrients or non-nutrient, on the other hand, excess of a certain particular dietary element can also prove to be hazardous.

The process of gaining weight can be an arduous job for some as losing is for others. One should at all times maintain a healthy weight, according to one’s body. It should neither be too high nor too low. That means a person should neither be overweight, not underweight. 

To do so one needs to maintain a healthy diet. While one should never devoid one’s body of any essential nutrients or non-nutrient, on the other hand, excess of a certain particular dietary element can also prove to be hazardous

Here is a list of some food items that help you gain weight and maintain health of your body properly.

Consumption of Protein Smoothies

If made at home with the utmost attention and care homemade protein smoothies can be a highly nutritious and quick way to gain weight.

The ones bought from the market aren’t a very healthy option since they are all loaded with sugars and preservatives and flavoring agents to enhance the taste. In a homemade smoothie, you can also assess and control the kind of taste and amount of sugar you would need.

Additionally you have a large variety of smoothies to choose from like 

Chocolate banana nut shake, Vanilla berry shake, chocolate hazelnut shake, caramel apple shake, vanilla blueberry shake, super green shake.

Consumption of Milk

Milk has always been considered in high strata when it comes to nutritious and healthy food. Also it has been used as a weight gainer or muscle builder from ancient times.

Milk is supposed to have a balance of all nutrients. It is claimed to provide a good balance of proteins, carbs and fats. Added to this it is also a very good source of calcium, as well as other vitamins and minerals.

For people who desire to put on weight and more muscle mass, milk is an excellent protein source that provides both casein and whey proteins. 

Some studies claim that milk, or whey and casein combined, can lead to greater mass gain than other protein sources.

To put on weight naturally, one should drink around one or two glasses as a snack, with a meal, or before and after a workout if you are training.

Consumption of Rice

Rice is a staple dietary part for many. Rice is a convenient, low-cost carb source to help you gain weight. It is claimed that only 165 grams of cooked rice provides 190 calories, 43 grams of carbs and very little fat. 

Owing to its fairly calorie-dense property, you can easily obtain a high amount of carbs and calories from a single serving. This results in you eating more food, especially if you have a poor appetite or get full quickly.

For quick consumption or when in a rush, ready to cook two-minute packs of microwavable rice can be easily made and combined with other protein sources and pre-made meals.

But one should avoid extremely large amounts of consumption of rice as it contains a fair amount of arsenic and phytic acid content. Arsenic can cause toxicity and phytic acid can reduce the absorption of zinc and iron.

Consumption of Nuts and Nut Butters

Nuts and nut butters are an excellent alternative to help you to gain weight.

According to studies one small handful of almonds constitute of over 7 grams of protein and 18 grams of healthy fats.

Because of their very calorie-dense feature, just two handfuls per day with a meal or as a snack can quickly add upto your intake of calories.

Nut butters owing to flavours and delicious tastes can also be combined with a variety of snacks or dishes, such as smoothies, yogurts and much more.

One should always make sure to take 100% nut butters with no added sugar or extra oils as they can hamper with the nutrition of the butter.

Consumption of Red Meat

In case you are a non-vegetarian then red meats can be very useful. It is claimed to be probably one of the best muscle-building foods available.

For example, steak contains around 3 grams of leucine per 170 grams. Leucine is the key amino acid your body needs to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and for formation of new muscle tissue.

Additional to this red meats are claimed to be one of the best natural sources of dietary creatine, which is possibly the world’s best muscle-building supplement.

To gain weight one should try and take fattier cuts, which will help provide more calories than leaner meats, helping you take in extra calories and add weight.

Both lean and fatty meats are a great source of protein, though fatty meat provides more calories, which can help you gain weight.

With these high in carb foods and their proper and regulated intake, one can easily put on some weight and have a healthy body.

Drishti Lakshita
While writing brings out a dormant side of me out, topics that challenge me, get me to research or are abstract that get my mind rolling are always an added cherry. Writing, i hope will help me in adding buckets full of knowledge into my life, currently surviving on few drops.


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