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10 fun drinking game ideas for your post-lockdown party

Drinking games add an ample amount of fun to a party. We know that you must be planning a party when normalcy is restored. We are here to help you with 10 fabulous drinking game ideas that will take your party to the next level.

With most of us staying at home during the pandemic, we are sure you miss having your friends over and having a night filled with fun and drinking. We also know that you must be planning out a party at your house/friend’s house already for the time when situations return to normalcy. We are here to help you with 10 fabulous drinking game ideas that will take your party to the next level.

1. Never Have I Ever

Probably the most played drinking game ever! Things you need: Drinks

This classic has been a go-to game for adults. It’s fairly easy to understand yet you end up either drunk or with a lot of information you never knew about your friends.

The players sit in a circle. All of them must have drinks in their hands. A player states something that he/she has never done in his/her life. And the other players in the group who have done that it in their lifetime drink up.

For example, the player says, “Never Have I ever failed in a school exam”

So the players who have failed in a school exam in their life must take a sip of their drinks.

You could add your variations to it. If nobody drinks after a question, the player who asked the question will have to drink. If a single player takes a drink after the question, the player will have to describe the instance when it happened.

The questions could be about something you know about your friends which you want to confirm, or the questions can be as ridiculous and pointless you want it to be. So just have fun playing it.

2. Beer Pong

Things you need: Beer, Cups, a long table, a couple of ping pong balls

This drinking game is another classic. Be it bars, college parties or a get together with your friends, this game fits in right everywhere. And if you want to show off your accuracy and great hand-eye coordination, this is a win for you.

10 cups each are arranged at either end of the table. The cups are filled with beer. Two players stand at either end. Each one has a ping pong ball in his/her hand and aims at cups of the opponent. If the player manages to shoot and get a ball in the opponent’s cup, the opponent has to chug the whole cup of beer in which the ball has dropped into after which he removes the cup from the triangle. This goes on a turn by turn basis until one of the players manages to get the ball into all of the cups of the opponent and wins.

You can play it in teams of two or four and rotate the turns.

Also if you find it unsanitary to drink from the same the ball has been in, you can switch the beer in the cups with water and keep aside the actual beer in a different cup so that everyone has a ball in a cup. You just have to simply remove and have the beer from the other cup.

3. Drunk Jenga

Things you need: Drinks, Jenga, Sharpie

This game is a booze-y twist to your classic favourite Jenga. Could your hands be stable enough to remove the pieces with precision or would you cause the Jenga tower to fall? This is as fun as it could be.

Write down fun rules, tasks, or dares on the pieces and stack up the tower. You can let your creativity run wild and incorporate drinking in those tasks and dares. The person first does whatever is written on the block and then pulls it out. If the player knocks down the tower, the player will have to finish his one drink in a go.

4. Flip the Cup

Things you need: Sturdy plastic cups, drinks, table, or any flat surface.

This is a relay-based alcohol game, and you can play it with a large group of people. Divide into two equal teams. If there are an odd number of people, one of the players from the team with a lesser number of people can go twice.

Players of the two teams line up at either side of the table. Cups are placed in front of them and are filled with an equal amount of booze. At the signal, the first player of each team chugs down the contents of the cup and places the cup on the edge of the table and tries to flip it. Once the player flips the cup successfully, his/her teammate does the same. The first team to finish chugging and flipping the cups wins.

If you are hanging out with a friend of yours, you could still play it. The two of you could stand on either side of the table and line up a few glasses filled with glasses. You can chug and flip and the one who goes through line up wins.

5. Quarters

Things you need for this super fun drinking game idea: Two coins, two shot-glasses, a middle-sized cup and drinks.

Usually played with an American quarter, you can still use an Indian two rupee coin. It does need a bit of skill, though.

Players sit opposite to each other around the table equally. One cup filled with booze is kept in the middle of the table. The players at the head of the table have a shot glass and a coin each. When the game begins, they try to bounce off the coin from the table into the shot glass placed at a distance. Once the player gets the coin into the glass, they pass it onto the player on their left who does the same. This goes around in rotation. If the person gets the coin into their shot glass before the person on their left, they tap that player’s shot glass. The one who has been tapped has to chug down the liquor cup placed in the middle of the table. The cup is then refilled and the game continues.

6. Truth or Shots

Things you need: shot glass, drinks

The easiest game of the lot might let out the secrets your friends or you have been hiding, or just get all of you tipsy!

Give all of your friends’ chits and sharpies. Let them write down questions they want to ask, albeit the questions must be general. Keep them in a bowl. And hand everyone a shot. Each player has to draw a chit and read out the question, which they can answer truthfully or opt to take a shot. This shall go on until all of you are done with all of the chits.

7. Bite the Bag

Things you need: A paper bag, beer

Bite the Bag is not one of the most popular and clever drinking game ideas out there, but you can give it a try. It is a rather less demanding version of limbo.

Put an empty paper bag open on the floor.  Without letting anything except your feet touch the floor, every player takes a turn to bend down and bite the bag.  After each person has bitten the bag, one inch is cut off the top.  As the bag gets lower, it gets harder to bring your face to the same level!  If you can’t bite the bag, you have to chug down a beer, and then it is time to start over again!

8. Straight face

Things you need: Drinks, pen, and paper

Probably the hardest thing to do when you are drunk is to keep a straight face and not react to whatever happens in the surroundings and this drinking game challenges your capabilities at that.

Players write sentences on small pieces of paper—the cruder the better. Think of things that anyone would struggle to read (or hear) while keeping a straight face. It could be funny, ridiculous, or an inside joke between you and your friends. Fold up the chits and place them in a bowl. One at a time, each player will choose a slip of paper and attempt to read whatever is written on it without giggling or cracking a smile. If they fail, they have to do a 3-second chug of their drink (or a shot if you’re looking to speed things along).

9. King’s Cup

Things you need: A deck of cards, a large container (large glass or jar), drinks

Although usually, it includes beer, you can substitute it with any liquor of your choice.

Set up the large container in the middle of the table and place the cards around it in a circle evenly. Once everyone has a drink, you can start drawing cards. All the different cards have different tasks. A lot of people have their own ‘house-rules’, but the basic rules are as follows.

Ace (Waterfall) –When someone draws an ace, everyone must start chugging their drinks. Only the person who has drawn the particular card can stop whenever they want to and then the person right to him stops. It goes on until no one is drinking.

Two –The person who draws a two, points at another person and he/she has to drink.

Three –It rhymes with Me. So it is you who would be drinking.

Four –The women of the group will all have to drink.

Five –A short version of Never Have I Ever takes place. Everyone has to put up five fingers. The person who has picked up the five will start with things that they have never done. If other players have done it, they put a finger down. The first one to put down all the fingers loses and has to drink.

Six – All the men in the group will have to drink.

Seven – Rhymes with Heaven, hence you will have to raise both of your hands towards heaven, the last person to do it lose and has to drink.

Eight –When one picks up an eight, they have to pick a ‘mate’ in the group. And whenever either of the mates drinks throughout the game, the other has to too.

Nine –Whoever picks this card has to say a word, the person to the right has to say another word that rhymes with it. It goes on until someone fails to say a word and will have to take a drink.

Ten –the person, who draws a ten, picks a category and the person to their right has to name something in that category. When someone cannot come up with anything in the category, he/she has to drink.

Jack – When someone picks a Jack, he makes a rule (can be ridiculous) which shall be applied throughout the game. The one who breaks it has to drink.

Queen –When one picks a Queen, he/she poses a question to another in the team, and the other player has to respond it with another question. This goes on until one runs out of questions and has to drink.

King – The namesake of the game, when the first three kings are drawn, that player pours some of their drink into the King’s cup. The one that draws the fourth and final king loses and drinks the contents of the cup.

10. Two Truths and a Lie

Things you need: Drinks

A drinking game for two, two truths and a lie is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a great game to play as it is when you’re sober, add alcohol, and it becomes amazing. This game can be played with a friend you might know each other well, or you might play it with someone you want to know better.

The rules of this game are simple; one player makes three statements about themselves, two of which have to be truths and one a lie. The second player guesses which one of the statements is a lie, if he is correct, the first player drinks, if he is wrong, he drinks.

Important Note

We do not support binge drinking or underage drinking. Drink responsibly and do not lead yourself into alcohol poisoning. Stay safe. Adhere to the social distancing rules and stay at home. These drinking game ideas do not promote drinking as a habit.


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