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Everyday Odia inspirations: Innovation to one, inspiration to millions

There are some everyday Odia inspirations, who, instead of strikes and revolt chose the path of innovation to utilise their own knowledge of the world and to spread it among others.

In terms of its stretch, spread and size Odisha claims to be the 8th largest state of India. The 2019-20 census statistically gives it the 11th rank in terms of population. Yet, Odisha has its claim to fame for its varied colourful culture, lip smacking food, its tribal regions and the everyday Odia inspirations, those people who exhibit exceptional talents.

Everyday Odia inspirations

Shelter to a population of 41,974,218, Odisha has people from different walks of life like scholars, scientists, administrators, thinkers whose innovative ways and ideas are a hope of transformation and inspiration for the millions.

So, let’s have such eminent guests on board through this article and make a minute move to recognise their actions.

A list of everyday Odia inspirations who have made us super proud 

Abhilash Mahananda

Someone who’s alma matter lists the reputed institutes like IIM Lucknow and KIIT is quite unlikely to choose farming as his profession. He could never have imagined to lose his mother in the battle against cancer. This personal loss landed him into organic farming which can bring about a transformation in our lifestyles.

His mother, a lady with no alcoholic tendencies or nicotine consumption, succumbed to cancer and this led Abhilash to investigate the cause of it.

He reached the mainspring which was the food that we consume. Along with the food, we consume the pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides and other such chemical components administered to the plants.

His idea of growing toxin free vegetables has led to the C&G Agroventure which develops plants in three phases to keep them away from chemicals and toxins. The packaging is done right away and is tagged with a bar code. The code upon scanning, provides detailed information about the farm and the village from where the vegetable had been procured. Abhilash expects his venture to venture out of the state capital Bhubaneswar and reach to the untouched tips.

Epari Krishna Rao

Retirement is synonymous with a relaxed life of tea and newspaper but this man from Berhampur, took up a battle not to extract red but to spread the green. He in the most veritable sense is someone who is doing onto nature what nature had done to him that is nourishment.

It’s not all about nature but about the well-being of his city and how the elders roll it out to the next generation. Better or bitter? He feels that the care a land needs is not the sole responsibility of the government working at the municipality or the district levels. He has questioned the citizen in him and answered it with actions. When are we going to do the same?

In 2010, he set out on his first mission to enhance the green patches within the boundaries of the Khalikhote Stadium to create a cool and shady atmosphere in the walking lanes of the infrastructure. He didn’t pause for the government’s assistance and employed his own financial resources to materialise his intentions.

The next mission he deployed himself into was in 2016, when he created a dream to create a green park in the middle of Kamapalli Square on a patch of land. He nourishes this mission with a fiscal assistance of Rs 10,000 every month from his pension money.

People like Rao are truly returning at least a drop against the ocean that the nature showers upon us. So, when are you planting your first plant?

Sruti Mohapatra, one of those everyday Odia inspirations whom we are proud of

This is a woman whose disability led her to enabling hundreds of disabled. Mohapatra leads the organisation Swabhiman which is dedicated towards making life easier for the disabled.

She injured her spinal cord in a devastating accident which prior to her Civil Servant interview disabled her for life and disabled her from her claims to her post. Back then there were no legal provisions to facilitate her to claim her right. Even the Equal Opportunities Act of 1995 came after a decade of the gruesome event which cost Mohapatra her dreams and her able body.

Detested after her battles with the government concerning her appointment, she decided to change course to the legal world of advocacy to fight for and voice the needs of the people who were the victims of destiny.

In 2001, she established Swabhiman, the State Disability Information and Resource Centre, at Bhubaneswar which aims at giving aid to the disabled, enhance their way of life and make it less difficult for them to live a life of dignity.

In 2009, concerning the Jagannath temple, Puri to make it a place amiable to the disabled population she worked for the entrance of wheelchairs into the premises. Her act will be registered in the hearts of all that visit the temple.

This is just one of the instances of her hundreds of efforts in making life an empowered one for the disabled masses. Her unwavering will is an epitome of courage and dedication.

Mohapatra, now in her fifties, who heads the organisation proves that the lows are just a part of life but to rise and raise others is what the valiant does.

Omprakash Mishra

Teachers are that strata of the society who are monumental in building the base the nation executes itself on. The experiences that Mishra has been through were definitely not a path of just crowning victories.

After his first appointment in one of the backward considered districts of Koraput with only two students to begin with in 1998, it raises curiosity that what led him into being a national award-winning teacher.

He convinced the parents that educating their wards promises a better future. A time budget of five years into the investment and his number of students grew and a teacher who had just two students to start with now boasts of disciples who represent the school at exhibitions, seminars and competitions.

He has done everything within his reach to drag the focus of the students. For instance, giving extra classes to hand write entire books. To let education thrive in one of the most deprived and underdeveloped communities and district of Odisha, his efforts were committed and commendable.

His faith in innovative methods and belief that a teacher loses his ground if he fails to accept the ways of his students and shape them right keeping in mind their preferences, led him win the national award from among 45 entries to win the same.

Dr. Kailash chandra Sahu, another everyday Odia inspiration to get inspired from

Being brought up in a town which had no electricity and having an inclination towards the stars since his childhood. The childhood fantasy led him into being an astronomer.

His roots being of  humble nature at Belgaon village of Ganjam district to  his Masters programme in Physics from Berhampur University paved his way to the Space Telescopic Science Institute. What was significant in his career tangent going up the ladder was his doctorate at IIT, Kharagpur in Piezoelectricity.

In a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of gravitational deflection, a group of astronomers led by Dr. Sahu successfully validated Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity by measuring the mass of an isolate object in the galaxy.

His extensive work in the field of science has established him in the US yet he has not forgotten his roots.

His is a story like Kalam, who became the giant in aeronautics from his mere childhood fascination of watching the birds soar the sky.

Dr. Sumona Karjee Mishra

Dr. Mishra’s personal experience of the pregnancy-related complication called Preeclampsia (high blood pressure leading to damage of other organs) – among the top three causes of maternal mortality in the world – that led her to work in this very field.

With a PhD in Biotechnology, as her weapon, in the war against developing a facility that ensures pregnant woman against the dangers of preeclampsia and other maternity issues Dr Mishra founded Prantae Solutions in Bhubaneswar in 2015.

Dr. Mishra and her team have innovated two devices for early detection of preeclampsia at an early stage that enables health practitioners to identify high risk pregnancies so that they can design an appropriate schedule of monitoring and management. So, that no mother and child succumb to the inevitable hands of fate.

As much as 75% of her team members are woman which in itself is an ice breaking move in empowering woman and driving then into the working sections of the society.

Siddharth Bhatter

The Indian education system definitely lacks the in imbibing the essential knowledge regarding employability and utility of academic knowledge in the world of market. Monetizing our skills is what we have never been taught. All such opinions are resonated by Siddharth, who devised his idea after incidentally being approached by a parent and kid for assistance in a project. His story is how he turned this event into a business model.

A believer in actions and way ahead of lethargic tendencies Siddharth decided to do something constructive and innovative was born his venture Karkhana (Hindi for factory).

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Today Karkhana is a place where one will see young tech enthusiasts and incredibly energetic kids make gadgets in a few hours. Sounds like a scene from a dramatized movie yet it was the efforts from Siddharth which has made this a reality.

Students are provided with a lab where they can harness their interests and create things with the help of mentors. Karkhana has trained over 523 students and also developed drones and robots for the government. With a current workforce of over 15 people, Siddharth has also provided 500 training workshops to students and faculties in Odisha and beyond.

Thus, Siddharth is an exemplary revolutionary who instead of strikes and revolt chose the path of innovation to materialise his own knowledge of the tech world and to spread it amongst others and raise the curiosity in all of us.

Written by: Shubham Kumar Nath


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