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What women want: Demands of women in 2021

21st century women have access to all the bare minimums and every other right like voting, standing as a political or social representative, the right to live alone, right to work and employment. But then, why are we still surrounded by a feeling of lack? If women already have the access to every privilege, why are they still protesting and marching on the roads and fighting for their rights? What are the demands of women in 2021?

March 7,2021: It’s the 21st century where everyone is fully aware of their needs and wants. The GenZ is immensely vocal and upfront about their needs and expectations from their fellow human beings and the society altogether. In a society where everybody is aware of their expectations and desires, why are we still surrounded by a feeling of something missing? What can be the demands of women in 2021?

With the emergence of the first wave of feminism in the late 19th and early 20th century demanding equal voting rights, women were granted equal contract and property rights while opposing ownership of married women by their husbands.

In this way, women were granted equal voting rights, concluding the passage of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution in 1919 in America.

Over time, numerous rallies, protests and marches were organised all across the world to help women gain their basic rights and access to primary necessities of life like education, employment, lifestyle.

History is witness to the fact that women had to fight for their rights every time, in order to acquire it or gain access to it, unlike men who already had the privilege to those rights since their birth.

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Demands of women in 2021: Earlier times

Women of the past too, were bold and resilient and were beholders of fortitude.

Since centuries, women have been fighting against the conventional and traditional methodologies which kept them bound to restrictions, limiting their accessibility to even the bare minimum. Not only did they have limited accessibilities but also were subjected to character assassinations upon going against the pre-established norms. But that just doesn’t end here.

Women were also subjected to various heinous crimes like rape, sexual assualts, harassments, abuse, violence, murder, torture, and other criminal activities.

In some parts of the world, the birth of a girl child was considered as an evil omen. The evil social practices like child marriage, dowry, sati pratha, also existed.

It’s literally the 21st century. The 21st century women have access to all the bare minimums and every other right like voting, standing as a political or social representative, the right to live alone, right to work and employment, etc.

But then, why are we still surrounded by the feeling of scantiness? If women already have the access to every single privilege, why are they still protesting and marching on the roads and fighting for their rights?

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Demands of women in 2021

No matter what century we step into, the idea of change will not tend to exist until and unless we bring it about.

On one side of the coin while women are reaching heights and marking their territories in different arenas, on the other side of the coin women are subjects to heinous sufferings like sexual assaults, rapes, family torture, mental harassment.

Regardless of how many or how much we celebrate Women’s Day, the observances and celebrations will go in vain unless and until we start respecting women on a regular basis and start treating them as normal human beings.

Before being treated with respect and dignity, women need to be treated with extreme humanity. These are the demands of women in 2021.

So, what exactly does a 21st century woman want?


Treat her with respect not because she is just another human being but because she deserves it. No matter whatever role she plays in your life or she isn’t a part of it at all, respect her because she deserves it.

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Fair and equal social status

A woman is subjected to thousands of hundreds of speculations and judgements on a daily basis based on the type of work she does, the kind of lifestyle she opts for, the way she dresses up, the people she interacts with, and so on. Stop judging her character based on these unrealistic parameters, that’s what she wants.

Free her from all the labels

Labelling women on the above-mentioned parameters have become a go-to thing for almost everybody.

You need to stop doing that. Don’t obstruct the idea of freedom for women just because of their gender. Every single human being craves for freedom during their entire lifetime. Hence, don’t object to her life choices.

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Debar from objectifying her

A woman is a human being, not an object. All she expects from the entire world is not to objectify her for wearing too much or too little make up, wear skimpy clothes or over dressing, drinking alcohol or denying to take a sip, and the list goes on.

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Say no to societal prejudices

Gone are the times when society had to be educated regarding the accessibility of women to basic rights. The 21st century woman is free from all the unnecessary restrictions and confinements.

All she expects from her fellow members of the society is to let go of all the prejudices and just let her be.

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Don’t mock her when she calls herself a ‘feminist’

The theoretical definition of Feminism is the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.

Although largely originating in the West, feminism is manifested worldwide and is represented by various institutions committed to activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. Women had had to fight against a lot of social corruptions and prejudices in the past to stand where they are standing right now.

Mocking her every time she calls herself a feminist just invalidates all the sufferings and fights she has underwent to gain the current independence.

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Her body is beautiful, don’t judge her curves

A woman’s body has not to be unrealistically appealing. The way women are portrayed in magazines, papers, televisions and social media platforms is misleading and creates a wrong impression on how a woman’s body is supposed to be.

A woman’s body is supposed to be the way a regular human body is supposed to look. So, don’t judge her body or pass offensive remarks whether she’s skinny or fat.

In a nutshell, women in 2021 want equal access to all the basic privileges of her and independence on all aspects.

Women in 2021 want to breathe a sigh of relief and want to be ridden of second thoughts like stepping out of the house past 8pm, moving out somewhere alone, disliking the idea of marriage, not wanting to have kids, for her sexual preferences and orientation, earning more than her partner/brother/father, because it is literally the 21st century and we are already practicing and exercising modernisation and open mindedness.

Anwesha Mishra
Anwesha hails from Odisha and is pursuing her bachelor's degree in English Literature from Ravenshaw University. She is a voracious reader and a writer. Apart from that, she's also a singer.


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