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COVID vaccine precautions: What to do before and after the jab?

Some brief information on all the COVID vaccine precautions that one needs to take before and after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

March 11, 2021: Now that the vaccination process has begun, there are certain steps that one needs to be sure of. Here below, is a brief list of all the COVID vaccine precautions that one needs to ensure before and after taking the jab.

COVID vaccine precautions

Since only the senior citizens who are above the age of 60 and all the citizens who are of 45 years of age or more with comorbidities are the ones who are getting vaccinated in this second phase.

 It is important to consult with a physician regarding the same, in order to have a smooth vaccination process.

There are no certain risks or dangers of getting oneself vaccinated but all those citizens who are taking vaccination for COVID-19 while having other pre-existing diseases are advised to have a talk with a physician as to whether to take the vaccine or not, and especially the ones having diabetes, high or low blood pressure and so on.

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COVID vaccine precautions if you have any underlying issues

Before being vaccinated, one should have a medical clearance of all the medications that one is consuming, to ensure the chances of any allergic reactions whatsoever.

Once taken the vaccine shot, the health conditions shall be monitored to check any emerging allergic reactions or adverse effects from the vaccine dose.

Even though it is very unlikely, yet it is better to get yourself checked and monitored by a health professional.

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Probable side effects

Getting fever, pain at times, body ache and fatigue are all symptoms of the immune system of your body, reacting to the shot of the vaccine and is nothing to be panicked over, since it is common and expected.

Consuming a healthy and highly nutritious diet before and after taking the COVID-19 vaccine is a must, in order to ensure good health and immunity.

It has been advised by the health ministry that the people who have allergies to injections, pharmaceutical products, certain foods, having delayed or immediate onset anaphylaxis, persons suffering from haemophilia, and all those people who were infected by the coronavirus and were treated with monoclonal antibodies, blood plasma therapy, or the COVID-19 treatment itself, must not take the vaccine or might do so with strict adherence to a trained physician.

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And lastly, even after getting vaccinated, one must still follow the rules of social distancing, and shall wear masks, while also avoiding crowded and unhygienic places.

Following these few precautions both before and after taking the vaccine, would go a long way for a better protection and immune system to fight against the deadly COVID-19 virus.

By Namasya Nandini Swain


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