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COVID vaccine and alcohol: Myths busted

This claim of COVID vaccine and alcohol and that alcohol consumption reduces the efficiency of the vaccine, received more attention when it was stated specifically as one of the precautions to be followed with the administration of Sputnik V, the Russian COVID-19 Vaccine.

March 22, 2021: With a year rolling down after the human race was hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the doctors and biotechnologists have finally come up with the vaccine to fight against it. And just as myths surrounding anything new comes up, a much popular one is COVID vaccine and alcohol.

COVID vaccine myths: COVID vaccine and alcohol

COVID-19 that have been affecting people in different ways is an infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus. It has been a year since this was declared a global pandemic.

With the vaccine in the market there has been a lot of hustle and myths going around. Here we are busting some COVID vaccine myths.

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Does alcohol consumption and COVID-19 vaccine shot go hand in hand?

With a list of dos and don’ts to be followed while preparing for COVID-19 vaccine shot a major concern was showed on the consumption of alcohol before and after the vaccine shot was pushed.

COVID-19 vaccine beneficiaries are prohibited from consumption of alcohol till 45 days approx. after the vaccine dose is being given, as it claims that drinking alcohol may reduce efficiency of the vaccine or stop one from getting desired result.

This claim received more attention when it was stated specifically as one of the precautions to be followed with the administration of Sputnik V, the Russian COVID-19 Vaccine.

This claim has made a huge group hesitant about getting the vaccine.

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Does alcohol stop the vaccine from working on human body?

There has been no scientific proof or clinical evidence to support that alcohol renders the efficiency of COVID-19 vaccine.

Neither WHO, CDC or other medical board issued any guideline regarding it.

Alcohol does not affect the production of antibodies directly or indirectly. Antibodies are produced by the vaccine to protect against future infection.

No vaccines right now have been studied inn accordance to alcohol consumption.

So, there is no reason one has to worry about alcohol consumption after taking vaccine shots.

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Why did the recommendation get doled out?

Though alcohol does not directly or indirectly effect the vaccine administration there has been studies about its impact on our immune system and its functioning.

Prolonged or excessive intake of alcohol can lead to immunosuppression in the body or reduce immunity level.

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So, for being in the safer side it is recommended to not drink until 45 days of taking vaccine shots. It was also doled out to warn people against the ills of binge drinking.

Be cautious after taking the vaccine and make your vaccine experience safe.

Its important for the body to get adequate rest after taking the vaccine shots as the immune system would be generating antibodies and there might be certain side effects after the vaccine shots are taken one of which is flu like symptoms.

It is recommended to not drink during this time as a person might confuse between hungover symptoms and COVID-19 vaccine side effects. Heavy drinking might also induce stress and feel unpleasant.

Thus, ample amount of rest, healthy food, moderate or no alcohol consumption,

Staying away from stressful activities and moderate exercise would allow your immune system to function properly and produce positive result for the vaccine shot taken.

Though alcohol consumption might not be given much importance one must never forget to follow social distancing norms and wearing a mask even after taking vaccine shots!

By Barbie Dey


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