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A Step Towards Ending the Dispute: Chinese troops retreats by 2km from the patrolling point 14

Reports say the Chinese troops have pulled back from the patrolling point 14 after the area cropped up as a major hotspot for both the neighbouring countries from the time after the Chinese armies made advancement through the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

After the vicious skirmishes took place in the Galwan Valley, on June 15, where 20 unarmed Indian soldiers were deliberately attacked and killed by the Chinese counterpart, it has now come up that the Chinese troops have reportedly moved back two kilometres from the disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC) site, in eastern Ladakh region.The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), after the face-off on June 15, had initially stepped in the boundary of the LAC in Galwan Valley, within India’s perception. The Chinese side overwhelmed the Indian soldiers by sheer numbers in the night. The revelation was likely to reinforce suspicion about the attack at Galwan to be premeditated. With such brutal assault, reports confirmed that, out of the 20 soldiers, one had his throat slit with metal nails in the darkness, death certificates of some other five of the soldiers showed injuries to the neck and head, indicating the use of vicious force and three of the martyrs had their ‘arteries ruptured in the neck’ while two sustained head injuries caused by ‘sharp or pointed objects’. Days after the clash, a picture of rods, spiked with barbed wire, that was supposedly used by the Chinese forces, went viral, triggering outrage among the Indians who then matched presence with bunkers and temporary structures and yet again the two armies were in “eyeball to eyeball” positions in the valley, that had by now become a hotspot.

A survey was then conducted, this Sunday, as an initiation of understanding that peaked during the third round of Corps Commander-level talks on Tuesday, June 30, between the two countries. The second one to be held after the June 15 Galwan Valley clashes, that had yielded the promise of more discussion at the military and diplomatic levels to disengage at the “face-off sites” along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), aimed to verify whether China had acted on its assurances. After the physical verification was done, it was made clear that the temporary structures have been removed from both sides and there have been first signs of Chinese troops having shifted two kilometres from the face-off site in Galwan region.

According to the June 30 disengagement plan, it has been reported that the two military commanders indicated that firstly the de-escalation would take place at all the friction points, that included Galwan, Pangong Tso and Hot Springs, and later the “depth areas” such as Depsang plains to the north, where China had amassed troops.

A statement recorded from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, on June 19, stated that the Galwan Valley was located on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the western part of the Sino-Indian border, thus suggesting that it was trying to make new claims over the area. On July 5, it was reported that a convention between the Special Representatives of the two neighbouring countries is likely to take place, which has aimed to bring out a solution to the vexed boundary dispute.

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The backing off by the Chinese troops and again gearing up for a meeting to hammer out solutions are probably the signs that now both sides are willing to cool the raging dispute over boundary area, which has led to troop build-ups along with different parts of the border.

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