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Chaula Bara- The soul food of Bolangir

Western Odisha, indulges itself beautifully in the richness of flora and fauna. The insights Of nature is abundantly witnessed amidst the temples and other architectural excellence. Hirakud Dam, Huma temple, Nursinghanath Temple, Debrigarh wildlife Sanctuary, Harishankar temple, and Waterfall and Many more exquisitely aesthetic places are a part of western Odisha. The Serene scenery In the lap of nature, makes us wonder to what extent nature can be this beautiful and enchanting.

Bolangir, the cultural hub of western Odisha has a rich cultural heritage. Bolangir, being a home for its indigenous tribe Koshali’s folk art and dance, Also encourages local cuisines in its own unique way. When in Bolangir Chaul Bara is a must. If Cuttack Reminds you of Dahi Bara Aloo dum then Bolangir will surely remind you of chaul Bara.

Chaul Bara is a deep-fried snack, These are actually a deep-fried mini rice Vada is served with a spicy and tangy Chutney made up of tamarind, tomato, chilli, and coriander. Chaul Bara is an emotion for Western Odias. Its affordability makes it more accessible to each and everyone thus making it a delight for both rich and poor. 10 Rupees and your evening are sorted, a dana (bowl made up of leaf) full of chaul bara with Chutney.
Let’s bring Western Odisha to our homes with interesting and tempting Chaul Bara Recipe

Chaul Bara


  • 150 grams of soaked rice(usuna chaula)
  • 50 grams Urad Dal
  • Salt accordingly
  • Pinch of soda
  • Refine oil to deep fry
  • Roughly pounded Ginger and Ajwain (optional)

For Chutney

  • 3 big tomatoes
  • 4 chillies
  • 5 cloves Garlic
  • Half cup tamarind
  • Some coriander with stem
  • Salt to taste


  • Soak rice and urad dal for at least for 6 hours
  • Then grind it to a fine paste,
  • Add salt to taste and a pinch of soda, (add ginger and ajwain too)
  • Heat oil make small baras and deep fry it,
  • When it turns a little bit reddish brown bring it to a plate.
  • For chutney, Soak tamarind and remove the seeds,
  • Make a fine paste of tomatoes, chilli, garlic, and tamarind. Add salt to taste and chopped coriander and a little bit of water.

Now it’s ready to serve hot.
Enjoy Chaul Bara with your family and Friends

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