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C U Soon: Film review

Writer-director Mahesh Narayanan’s film C U Soon is one of the best Indian films to be released in this lockdown. This is an experimental style film shot only on an iPhone during this lockdown.

C U Soon, an Onam release on Amazon Prime has grabbed the attention of viewers, leaving them caught hook, line and sinker.

The story revolves around Jimmy Kurien (Roshan Mathew), who works in the financial sector in Dubai, and introduced to a young woman named Anu Sebastian (Darshana Rajendran) through a dating app.

The acquaintance between the two turns into love by talking on virtual platforms. On one occasion, Kurien’s mother (Maala Parvathi) ropes in Kurien’s cousin Kevin Thomas (Fahad Fazil), a cybersecurity tracker, to hack her system and check her background. Kevin reports that she has a clean background.

But problems arose when Anu vanished within a week of moving in with Jimmy. But who was this Anu Sebastian in reality? Why did the police arrest her? Also, what does Jimmy face the problem due to Anu? How did Kevin find out about Anu Sebastian’s past and the problem she faced using technology and cybersecurity?

As dark mysteries and shocking truths tumble out of cyberspace and other data sources, including CCTV footage from the building that Jimmy resides in, it makes for a riveting, suspense love story that loses neither its momentum nor its innovation quotient because it hurtles towards a denouement.

Owing to the weird tools it presses into the structuring of the narrative, C U Soon is fascinatingly layered. This puzzle constructed around unanswered questions on the girl does quite just look to fit jumbled-up and scattered pieces into a genre template and string together an enticing story.

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C U Soon Review


The Malayalam film industry has a different style in choosing the backdrop as opposed to the C U Soon analysis routine. In this movie, the screenplay combines technology with a social problem in Kerala.

Topics of the current generation, such as collecting information using web chat apps like Facebook, Google Hangout, and Skype, are nicely displayed on the screen.

Adding suspense, mystery, and thriller to the story of why the two lovers fell in jail under unforeseen circumstances, the film takes the story to another level.

The fluidity and easy story-telling takes this movie to a whole new level. Also impressive is the way the suspense continues in the story to the end. The emotions in the characters are new as shown on the screen.


Fahad Fazil | Image: Twitter

Fahad Fazil, who is closer to the audience with films like Super Deluxe and Trance, once again put up an amazing performance.

The emotionally charged acting through his eyes in the climax further impresses the fans. Roshan, who has gained fans with his negative shade in the Malayalam film Kapela, has impressed by playing a sympathetic role this time.

On Darshana Rajendran’s performance, it has to be said that the iron frame, Darshana Rajendran is alive in the role of Anu Sebastian.

It must be said that it has done full justice to the role of telling the problem faced by Kerala young women.

Feeling we have ‘run out of gas’ emotionally with the help of a character who has less dialogue and more scope for emotions.

Darshana Rajendran | Image: IMDB


Director Mahesh Narayan’s talent is captivated by the heart-the enchanting story of how young men and women get into trouble in the lure of getting jobs. The film is designed to deal with new-age technology and give a new feel to the audience.


If you happen to be a non-Malayali viewer with no knowledge of the language, you obviously need to frequently direct your gaze to down the bottom of the screen for the English subtitles, which makes the deciphering of the intricacies of C U Soon far more difficult.

But regardless of what, maintaining with the geometric patterns and visual riddles that the film’s multiplicity of textual and technical elements weave is unfailingly rewarding.

The mysteries of C U Soon couch a fond collective hope of a return to cinema as we all know it when the world gets to the opposite side of the pandemic-erected tunnel.

Until then, a movie like this, a stunning thriller that teases every ounce of strength from the mystery genre, will enthuse us to stay with religion.

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