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How to use the built-in screen recorder in Chrome OS?

In a new update, an inbuilt screen recorder in Chrome OS has been rolled out and its objective is to help students record their lectures. This update is expected to be available by March along with some more exciting developments in Google’s Chromebook.

February 23, 2021: Google is rolling out an education refresh to the Chromebook ecosystem that includes a new screen recorder tool, among other features. This inbuilt screen recorder in Chrome will make it easy for its users to record their virtual classes.

Due to the pandemic, more students are learning from home than ever before and Chromebooks, for which education is a big market, have become more popular than ever.

The screen recording feature will be rolled out as part of an education-focused update in March.

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Inbuilt screen recorder in Chromebook     

Following the proliferating sales of Chromebooks for remote meetings and schools in 2020, American multinational technology giant Google LLC has announced its plans of adding a built-in screen recorder to its Chrome OS in March this year. 

The company intends to make recording virtual lessons for students and teachers relatively easier, cited sources with relevant information.

According to Google’s blog post, teachers have been recording lessons in order to help students study for tests or relevant homework. However, it has become a critical aspect in virtual learning since the past year, the company added.

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How to use the screen recorder in Chrome?

It looks pretty simple. Once you’ve pressed the appropriate button on your Chromebook, you’ll see a countdown in the center of your screen. 

While your Chromebook is recording, a red circle will appear on the right side of the shelf. 

Chrome OS’s screen reader, ChromeVox, has some new features: the voice now changes based on the language of the text it’s reading, and you can now search its menu.

Moreover, parents can use the parental-control app Google family link to administer their children’s school accounts apart from their personal accounts.

This means the parents can monitor bedtimes, screen-time limits, and other restrictions placed on the children in schools as well.

In addition to this, Google also promised that it will be launching 40 new Chromebooks featuring a host of new accessibility improvements this year.

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Where can you find the Chromebook feature?

In a bid to assist schools to navigate the new releases, Google has provided a list of available Chromebooks which consist of configurations from other laptop developers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung.

While the company didn’t share the details about these devices, it did say that many of them include convertible Chromebooks that function as a laptop and a tablet and come with a stylus, touchscreen, and dual-cameras for students to take notes, edit videos, create podcasts, draw, publish digital books and record screencasts.

The company also said every new Chromebook is equipped to deliver exceptional Google Meet and Zoom experiences. 

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Always Connected devices – (Long Term Evolution) LTE Connectivity

“We also have devices that can better support students with limited access to the internet, or in countries with strong mobile broadband networks. These devices, called Always Connected devices, have an LTE connectivity option that allows you to connect via your preferred cellular network,” the company explained in a blog post.

Most of these units will be available with LTE connectivity.

The California-based technology company refers to these as Always Connected devices and highlights their significance among students with limited connectivity.

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It is worth noting that Chromebooks are currently big sellers in the education vertical, owing to their affordability as well as districts’ widespread adoption of Google’s online education portal, Google Classroom. 

The company has been focusing on expanding its services for remote meets and schools since the COVID-19 outbreak.

By Sugyani Mohapatra


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